Past Is Fast

Stuffs we've won in the past that we could only brag about up until today.

This could be due to a number of reasons but not limited to:
1. Busy work schedules.
2. Postal/customs issues.
3. Procrastination.

Let's begin with the first item, shall we?
Oh boy, this is one heavy looking box.
Surely you're all aware of this one.
Because the 3000++ pageviews won't lie.
And so could these hips.

First acknowledgement:

So what's in the box?
Let's open it up then.
And in it is everything that was ever promised and more.
I'm quite surprised that Alex (the sender) was able to cram this many items
in such a medium sized box.

You have your Attack On Titan pillow (which I currently am using as a back support
pillow whenever I draw).
This lovely looking  League Of Legends Rammus Hat.
Miniature Gundams.
That are all the rage nowadays....I wonder why?
This cute little fox.
This MLP artwork/print from an uncredited artist.
Button pins and this burgerly shaped anti-dust plug.
And last but not the least, these Magic The Gathering cards.
Now, I've stopped playing MTG for almost a decade now but now would be a good
time to jump right back in now that I DO have a few new-ish cards to brag about.
And that's about it!
I know that this might not sound like a lot but it is to me.
These pictures doesn't do the package justice because it really is filled
to the brim with all these anime goodies.
And no, not that type of goodies, Ciara.
So sorry about that!

So again, a big thank you to Alexander O' Riordan for all her time and effort
in sending in this wonderful prize package. This would be by far the biggest loot bag I've ever
won so far.

And now we can move on to a yet another career highlight for SSM!.
The fanart feature on Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers comics by Udon Entertainment.
A crossover video game title that's just waiting to happen.
But until then, the comics is a more than promising start.
I've promised to brag about this later in to the series's cycle/run (they currently are at Issue no.3). So that us previewing the said item wouldn't be viewed as content piracy or affect the book's sales in any way, shape or form.

Well, what can I say? I was never the biggest Udon fan to begin with. And I've even
went on major rants about it. This feature could finally be a closure of sorts
for me and the said noodles company. After multiple rejected submissions and numerous
snubs. We've finally made it! A page is still better than nothing and let's leave it
at that, I guess?

This was the cover that we got.
This was the cover that we wanted instead.
Too bad it was no longer available. But either way, the contents are all the same.
The varying covers could also be quite confusing (and not to mention, quite costly) on the event that you do intend to collect every variant of the said first issue.
Luckily enough a checklist would come in handy and will you look at that, two bonus
cards to start you off with your TCG collection.
We were also unable to buy our personal copy ourselves and we have Senor Benj of Happy Lockjaw to thank for purchasing our copy alongside with his. Thanks again, m'man!

Favorite fanarts from within the book (other than ours, of course!)
Funniest moments from within the book:
And that's about it for this blog post.
For there are far too many things to talk about in the next post as we backtrack on some of the
events and items we've purchases and been to the last few months or so.
So stayed tuned for that.
Bu-bye for now, ya sexy beasts!
See ya on the next journal entry.

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