Post Traumatic Zest

A total of 30 people had felt the wrath of THE QUEEN OF THE BABES.
So our question is this,


Post Morten Examination

Oh yeah, in addition to FINAL FIGHT.

We also get a kick from playing this old school NES game right here:

Well, you gotta love dem SPREAD GUNS.

Assembling The Moanster

Although we were able to pull it off. Getting there is half
the battle.

As aforementioned before this entry would be tackling no less
than the creative process on how to think and act like a SSM! member.
Of course, who wouldn't wanna plumb the innerworkings of a SSM! mind.So...
Let's do this!

So for starters, a good computer could really do a lot.
Unfortunately for us, we were stucked with this oldie but goodie pc.

The monitor is as thick as a wall.And as you can see the keyboard
had been replaced due to a malfunctioning 'ENTER' key.But it's
PENTIUM 4 and Y2K compliant and it runs on WINDOWS XP.
We loved it to bits and it had helped us edit and produce
almost all of the issue you can see right down below....
and...Oh yeah the CPU is a whole another story...

This baby is a victim to some 3 years ago's TYPHOON ONDOY(or more
commonly known as KETSANA).Everything was a wreck.Hopefully,
we were able to back-up on a lot of our MANGA files and the damage
wasn't much of a trouble for us digitally.But in the tangible
sense,we did spend a bit on buying some brand new parts and having
it repaired and stuff. The experience was pretty upleasant.And
this was when we were doing SSM!#5.

So those had been like the HELL ISSUES for us.
But on a happier note, all of the books that were produced from
those period onwards had been best sellers @ live events and store consignments.
Namely SSM# 5.5

and SSM#6

In fact, SSM!# 6 sold out so quickly that the only copy that
we currently own is a worn out browsing copy.(Aah, how we miss you STARMALL days...)

So what else should we talk about....
Oh right, for eveyone who had been wondering where we get all of those
wonderful vintage toys we display at various cons and similar events.Let us
just clarify that we actually own ALL OF THEM.And the reason
why we couldn't tell you what our gimmick for the day would be
is because you're guess would be as good as ours.For the gimmick
of the day would more often than not come from any of these 4
COPS, trying to snatch my CROPS!

We usually just pick one(on the last minute) and would more often
than not be the GIMMICK OF THE DAY.It's more fun that way.It
makes our decision much more spontaneous hence making us less

Of course, this entry wouldn't be complete if we didn't discuss
the creative process on how we created our very lovely and rather
new character MONA.You've seen the drawings and we bet you already
know who she is.But here's the 411 on her creation.

MONA, is basically your standard JUNGLE GIRL.
She was originally to be called just that.But it seems as though
that DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT had beaten us to the punch and that GENERIC TITLE
could no longer be ours.

Along the lines of having to name our new(i.e.:nameless)
amazonian character, we chanced upon one of our favoritest CAPCOM
game (outside of STREET FIGHTER 2), namely...

The game featured a whole lot baddies named after  BANDS, WRESTLERS (The Berlin Manalaysay Syndromeand other stuffs. But none of which more striking than to having to
beat up these guys.

Named after GUNS N' ROSES front man and lead guitarist.
AXL & SLASH(yes those are their names) provided what we here at SSM! would like
to call as "JUNGLEMANIA 2012".

So with a solid game plan on where we should go.
The next couple of days and months were spent drawing and sketching
while listening to a whole lot of 'WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE' originals
covers and just about every variations there is to it.

(For the complete list of all of the songs
we've been listening to please visit:
It had given us the angst and the tenacity of which the title
needed. And we couldn't been happier with the results.

We started off with a lil over like 2-3 months worth of preparation.
And we eventually made it and just in the nick of time before
the dreaded KOMIKON WEEK.

And we were tasked to change the landscape of indie komiks(yet again!)
with our new A3 sized comic book. The only one within the
community to be printed and made in the said standard size as
popularized by the big 3.

This image was sadly left out in the book.

We don't wanna spoil
too much but if you'd buy the book this saturday.You'd notice that
this image should've been there all along.

SSM! is only human and also capable of err.As evidently by
the following pics of last minute corrections.

If we fucked up,we actually tell you guys about it.We would
feel much better with telling you the truth rather than just
sweeping it under the rug and blaming somebody else for our own

But rest assured those corrections doesn't affect the quality of the
works within the pages. These corrections are more likely
minor errors and you probably wouldn't even notice them
not unless you've read this entry.

So that's about it on this edition of this entry.We'll be
seeing you at the event and would probably do a
post event review afterwards. Happy reading and sayonara, bitches!



Howdy folks, SSM! here with some last minute KOMIKON prep news.

So just like the last time here's the slightly PG version of my side of the story.
The perfect appetizer for all you non-adult but hormonally active
teenagers of today.
So while we're writing this,
there is approximately less than 24 hours before impact.
For all you non-comic afficianados, KOMIKONS are a bi-annual
thing held religously @ THE BAYANIHAN CENTER, PASIG.
If you've read(and I'm sure you did) KOMIKONOTION.
You'll know what we're talking about here.
But then again if not, then you better read up, boy-o!
So, shits about to go down this Saturday (May 26,2012)
And you've heard the news and seen the posts.
SSM! would be releasing TWO NEW MATERIALS for SUMMER KOMIKON 2012.
That's right, good folks of the internet.TWO NEW MATERIALS.
One's an A3 COMIC BOOK that goes by the name of:
MONA : Queen Of The Babes #1

whilst the other one is a newsletter,a follow-up from the first
one entitled:
The Ssm Illuminati #2

And to revitalize and to reintroduce the spirit of TEKS COLLECTING.
SSM! couldn't be more proud to introduce to you:

A collection of 11 cards, printed and made in the traditional
(read:ghost fighter era) cards that the 90's kid in all of us
is sure to remember and feel all nostalgia-ey and stuff.
Included in the series would be the elusive MR.CHAPEL card
These curious critters would also be released on that faithful day.

What are they? Well then, you oughta visit our booth to figure it out.

And...believe it or not, this curious little doodle

is also part
of the big saturday gimmick.So t'would be best to watch out for
that as well!!!!

Buy at least 3 or more books and receive a proof of purchase.

Which is redeemable to errr something-something in the near future.
Like our love, undying respect and similar intangible things. 

And speaking of books. Is your SSM! collection LEGENDARY?

The said collection is still available but limited in stocks.
And once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE FOR GOOD!

Pre-order yours in advance.Because we won't be bringing
it not unless you're really sure about the purchase.
There are 13 books in total.
(SSM#1-6,SSM!Unlimited, SSM! Jet Komiks & The Ssm Illuminati #1)
Inclusive of the variants and various
freebies @ the low low price of P650.00.
Well that's about it for this entry.
Read up on the next entry where we discuss some of our very own
creative process and behind the scenes on how SSM! cooks up
a storm. 
See ya in a bit.

French Kissing France

Bonjour, our good friends over @ PARIS, FRANCE.
Thank you for the 935 worth of page views.
And because of your continued support, here's a lil
something-something from your tes amis here in the philippines.
Je T'Aime...

Paris is home to the following attractions.
La Tour Eiffel

Les Bouquinistes

L'Arc de Triomphe

Notre Dame

Le Sacre Coeur


La Pyramide

La Gioconda

Le Moulin Rouge

La Conciergerie

Place de la Concorde

Les Invalides

Place du Tetre

Le Centre Pompidou

Le Musee d'Orsay

and last but not the least
La Madeleine.

FRANCE, you're a wonderful country teeming with culture and the arts.
And for that alone,SSM! loves you dearly.
Thank you, FRANCE for all your page views
please do keep up the good work!
Au revoir, our french friends!


How come we never get page views from the good folks over @


The Definitive Welcoming Party

This right here is a WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE total repost.

Star Wars Themed Version:
Megamind's Version:
Lounge Version:
8-bit Version:
Angry String Quartet's Version:
String Guitar Version:
2Cellos' Version:
Quiet Riot's Version:
Wrestling Version:
Piano Version:
Guitar Hero Version:
Acapella Version:
Red Neck Version:
Karaoke Version:
Instructional Version:
Instrumental Version:
Subtitled Version:
Jimmy Fallon Overacting Version:
AXL ROSE In His Drunken Stupor Version:
Chipmunk Version:
Tribute Band Guns 4 Roses' Version:
Parody Version:

and of course

We also got FUN N' GAMES!
Welcome To The Jungle Memes:

MONA IS HERE & NOW,bitches!!!!
& you're gonna DIE!!!