Jack Martial Arts


Full Film:

Yes, there is NO WAY Jack Ma can win against any of his opponents in real life.
But then again, this is just a FICTIONAL movie and he funded everything hence everyone else is "selling" for him.
Anyone that wishes to remind us of as to how "Wrestling Is Fake" should definitely acknowledge the fact that this movie is even FAKER!

But it is pretty impressive considering this as a free film and all.


Goldblum Watch

Have you seen GOTG Vol.2?
You haven't?
That's great because The Grandmaster's in it, you know?
Yes, the same Grandmaster from Thor Ragnarok.
Take a looksie:
Did you see it?
You idiot!
Here it is again in stationary picture form:
Definitely a 10 Goldblums out of a possible 10 Goldblums.

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