Basta Fighter Street Lover

Yeah maynnn, we made it!
It's the second time this year!
Remember this one?
I surely can!

Online link:

Video Proof:
Screencapped for your viewing enjoyment:
Teaser Image:

That's that, fight fans!
That's a wrap for, #StreetFighter30Art.Now let's make that hashtag trend!

Mayweather Vs McGregor

It's just the final round because that's pretty much the maximum video length that my phone memory could ever handle as of the moment.
And yes, this was backed by an entire team of Pinoy commentators and sponsors to even further alienate the international boxing community.

And besides, isn't this what everyone wanted to see all along?
The big conclusion and their big hug at the end?
HURRY and watch it before this gets taken down as well!

Ah well, let's just dance then!
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