Ibukkake Mo Baybeh!!!

Sounds exotic and probably disgusting!

But in their defense, the word "Bukkake" actually means:

Borrowed from Japanese 打っ掛け (bukkakeact of splashing), from the verb 打っ掛ける (bukkakeruto splash (with a liquid) rudely), from 打つ (butsuto hit) and 掛ける (kakeruto pour)

and also:
bukkake (uncountable)

  1. Japanese dish made by pouring broth over cold noodles, commonly udon.
  2. A sex act in which multiple people ejaculate on another person.

So there you go, ladies!
When you can't beat'em,
just eat'em!

Oppa Gangbang Style


50/50 Vision


Hayahay Noon

Helloween 2018

Tenryu, Mary-O and Kenji as The Shield.
as Papa Shango.
as The Shockmaster.
as The New Age Outlaws.
as Max Moon.
as Buff Bagwell.
as Ric Flair.
as Rob Van Dam.
as Dusty Rhodes.
as Abyss.
as Paul Bearer & The Undertaker.
In loving memory of....
Grandmaster Sexay & Sangoji as Legion Of Doom ( The Road Warriors).

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Crown Hogans

A rather controversial PPV hosted by an even more controversial individual.
But we can't deny the fact that Hulk Hogan is indeed synonymous to WWF/E and vice versa.
Anyone that has little to slightest clue about wrestling would usually associate him with the very sport itself.
Tis but a shame he said all those racist remarks in the not so distant past but if WWE deems him employable again then I guess there is room for forgiveness. Sure, it's not the popular opinion but hopefully it does benefit the company/ wrestling community in the long run.