Bincent Bangog

That remixed SFII Balrog music is definitely a nice touch.
And oh my...URIEN!!!!!
For god's sake, Capcom....finally--FINALLY!!!


Injust Vexation

That new DC logo just looks off and why does everything had to be shot in the dark?


Dumo-Dio Brando!

It is what it is, nothing too special about Ibuki's inclusion on V.
The Dio Brando and Pocket Fighter fight style were the only highlights from this trailer.
Other than that, there really isn't much going on here.

Capcom should've opted for a more obscure character like Geki as opposed to fan favorites
that had previously appeared in IV.

Let's give Oro, Sodom, Urien, Gill and Necro another chance, shall we?

Can you fuck'n do that, CAPCOM?????

Then please do so then , ya bunch of fucking a-s!

Gwardya Ng Galaxian

What ACTUALLY happened.

What SHOULD have happened instead!!!!


Two Tickets To The Cans Show

Most fashion and entertainment websites would feel the need to feed you countless hoity-toity non-sense as to whom wore what and a rather unnecessary list of whom wore it best at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival.

That would be the case with most websites, but not the SSM! blogspot! We believe in the saying that "less is more" hence our list is limited to a single person.

And that ONE person is none other than: BELLA HADID!
List makings and fashion advices made simple courtesy of the SSM! Blogspot!


Let's Get Wicked

Welcome to SSM! Girlfriends, a place where we celebrate fashion, style and all that jazz!
It's a classier/condensed version of our monthly(sort of!)-quarterly SSM!'s Babe Of The Month.
And for our very first entry, it's the very alluring model: Ashley Moore:
just look at those sweet ass lips!
*Pictures courtesy of:

Her face has that "paintingesque" (is that even a word?)
look to it and would definitely be an excellent muse for any artist and photographers alike.
And just as long as we can mental juggle/disassociate thoughts of her and Justin Bieber, then we're all gonna be fine. Let's just appreciate as to how beautiful she really is!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley_moore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashleymoorem
And that's that, BYE!
Catch us again on our next post, same perverted time, same perverted blogspot!

Doomed To Be Overwatched

2 new games that were released this and last month that is sure to be the content of your news feed.

And as an added bonus, here's a clip from one of my more recent Instagram finds. The bestest Kaiju ever: Guiron!