Master Debater

Christmas came in early for all of us for this would be the very first SSM! expediture of 2018.
Enough fooling around! Let's open it up, shall we?
But these god damn tapes are fuck'n everywhere!
Baaah, to hell with these infernal things.....
Good god, it's finally here!
This was how it looked like at the back.
And please pardon the quality of these images since most of them were shot at night.
We couldn't wait to share these pages/images and we wouldn't even bother reshooting
them during day time or at a better lit area. But it is what it is. Take it or leave it, pallie!
And we refuse to share more images due to quite possibly very costly copyright issues.

Although what we are currently sharing might seem like a lot be trust us, this isn't even half of the entire book.

This rather heavy art book is the shiznits!
Complete with concept artworks (for both the cartoon show and the toyline),
character sheets,
production notes on one of our favoritest toy gimmick,
a mass produced animation cell (not the actual thing, OBVIOUSLY! Because the real deal were all sold to collectors and are probably worth more than the entire book.),
comic book appearances ranging from the Alfredo Alcala's Mini-Comics, Marvel, DC ,Star and to the more contemporary ones.
That last one was also drawn by a Filipino comic book artist named Carlo Pagulayan.
Hurray for Pinoy Pride!
produced toys,
Unproduced or unreleased toys,
Boxart for the various crazy and impractical vehicles.
And other promotional materials.
Witness MOTU's rise and fall.
With the equally weird Star Wars-ey 1990's The New Adventures Of He-Man.
To the somewhat successful 2002 incarnation of the said series.
Even posters and concept artworks for the ill-fated MOTU feature film.
What a complete waste of Drew Struzan's artistic skills!
And as to how it could have probably been saved if only they followed Ralph McQuarrie's toy and cartoon faithful artworks.
Read the book and learn a thing or two.
Like as to how TWO-BAD started out as this very generic Rock'em Sock'em robot clone.
Or as to how freaky Castle Grayskull really looks with its multiple hind legs and all.
Or as to how the original Skeletor looked like.
This book wasn't intended to be read in one seating for there would always be something to new to learn and love about this beloved series.
If you've been a fan of the cartoon show, mini-comics, feature film (god forbid!) or most especially the toyline. This is indeed the art book for you. It really isn't that expensive when you think about it. It's a VERY worthy investment. This book is definitely worth your time and money. So go ahead and carry the weight of the universe, we know you'd want to!

Classic Siga