Metal Hams Solid

Dead Or Alive

Alpha vs Omega @ Wrestle Kingdom 12

Video Package:

Pre-Match Interviews

Actual Match:
I kinda knew they'd take down the video of the full match (with actual audio and commentaries).
And in less than 24 hours even.
Hence here are two other videos(that hopefully doesn't get taken down as well) showcasing the said dream match.

Post Match Interview/Surprises:


Spoofs Unlimited

Life becomes a little bit more tolerable,
most especially when you surround yourself with comedians!

New Your Role And Shut Your Mouth

It's your obligatory NEW YEAR post!
So three cheers for 2018 then!
Let's see what the very first day of this very promising month had to offer...
Oh wow, free ride!

Too bad that it only lasted for a day.
But that's definitely something to look forward to every Jan.1 or any other major Manila related holidays.

Free safety!
Man o man, that's even better!
And with all these screen doors installed at random LRT stations, you could now recreate your very own HELL IN A CELL match!
That's probably not the intended purposes of those screen doors but what the hey!
Good job, LRT-1!

Free stationary subjects for you photograph.
This is for when you're feeling extra ARTSY-FARTSY.
So slap on a filter and let's get famous....

Free social commentary.

Free outdated racism.
That's still very racist even by today's standards.

And a hot meal for less than P200.
And there you have it folks!
A brand new day, well spent on practically doing the same shit we did last year.
So God bless the Philippines and God bless SSM!.


The best dressed Christmas decorations of 2017-2018.
And there you have it folks, the best of the best!
Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.