Pilgrimage To Lemuria

Arrived late for two separate events.
THIS one!
THIS one!
Still regret about it to this day
But every cloud has a silver lining hence time for some good news!
Manga for pervertz!
And a new place along Kamuning Road with alphabetized boxes of vintage and semi-current
comic books.
Enter the Movieposter Mall.
Well yeah...
It looks nothing like an actual  MALL.
But don't let the simple storefront deceive you.
What they lack in looks, they make up for it in variety and content.
Rows & rows of Comic Books.
Vinyl Records.
Both framed and unframed Movie Posters.
That's that about the place.
And now for some of our noteworthy pull list/hauls.
Notice that really iconic Fantastic Four cover?
Wherein Galactus fell down faster than David Hassleholf on booze.
that one and it's all mine!
This special issue of WIZARD Magazine (#83) with a gatefold cover.
Which countdowns 10 of the sexiest comic book characters
why does every girl has that sort of DAWN-ish look to them?
No, not that kind of DAWN.
More like.... THIS.
Well no shit, everything's drawn by that Lisner guy.
And he placed at #3 so it's actually no surprise that he agreed to draw everything for this Top 10 List
Alam na this!

Part 2
The Beta Ray Bill book is your typical Alien Thor comic book.
With a surprise appearance of DC Comics' Desaad playing the pianos.
We're kidding but he's definitely a deadringer to Darkseid's ever loyal lackey/sidekick/assistant.
All is well and normal and all up until THIS happened.
Fuck me, right?
What the hell are reprints of Thor #337(Beta Ray Bill's first appearance) doing within this book?
Our thoughts exactly!
It's like reading a comic book within a comic book, that's some deep inception shit right there!

Another curious critter is Casanova.
With powerful scenes like
And we are digging the character designs. Gabriel Ba is one sick ass mofo!

Although it has "BOOTLEG" plastered all over the logo, this book is 100% Legit!
It's a different take on your typical Gen 13 story telling/presentation.
They opted to go for a rather fairy tale children's book type of look
and needless to say, we bought it and we fuck'n loved it.

And LOOK, the crossover to end all crossover.
What, when, where, who????

A couple of comic book ads later...
And we're done!
Moral lesson learned from all this getting late to attend important events
due to shopping and book hunting?

1. That there ain't nothing wrong with ballz collecting, it actually is a rather healthy and fun activity fit for both the young and the young at heart!
2. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's REBEL SWORD is one fine ass title and we wish to complete the said title as
soon as the opportunity arises.
And will you look at that,
only 4 more books to go...
and 3. You can't judge a store simply by looking at it's facade!
Because you could be missing out on joys of life due to your own ignorance.
Take risks, be fabulous and just strut your stuff.....just like this squirrel!


Rumpshaker's Delight

Best viewed while reading THIS!
Stay strong, stay true, be brave and be happy, ya bunch of fuckfaces!

Tricking Treat

DA Link: http://darkchapel666.deviantart.com/art/Makroekonomiks-481503749
DA Link: http://darkchapel666.deviantart.com/art/Rizen-Fall-481688721
Malayo pa ang pasko pero nandito na ang 3 KINGS!
So pano?
E di yun na!

There's something-something C'est La Vie!


(technically winter na so yeah.....)

WIP Wap Again

Never ignorant getting goals accomplished!
This is our life,
this is our story,


Defending Manara

Not that he needs defending or anything like that....
because, well fuck it...
He can fuck'n do anything he wants!

And if that involves drawing characters in skin-tight costumes that adheres to the every curve of the female form...then so be it.Why is this suddenly such a bad thing?
The Manarameister has had  years and years of experience drawing just that, sexy women!
He has won several awards/notable citations for it.
Not only is he's good at it, he's the BEST!
And OH,
had anyone ever considered that this could've been an artistic preference rather than a sexist thing?
Same artist, almost similar poses.Same heart-shaped ass!


It's been highly speculated that these are simply stylized/artisan's depiction of fishes.
You simply can't change anything by simply complaining to the guy, it's his artistic preference! It is fuck'n ingrained to his art style. How can anybody change that?

Oh and this sort of shit has never happened before? ASS if....
Unrealistic even?
I don't think so!
Ladies and germs, we give you....THE MINAJ!
It's actually a rather realistic and believable pose!
As realistic as RIC FLAIR even!
Ok, so enough about
Let's talk about the pose. Because even that has been heavily scrutinized.
Hmm, as a matter of fact! 
Not really the first time Spider-Woman was drawn in a weird way.
She's been through a lot worst before....
At this rate, the Manara version would actually serve as an improvement over it's predecessors.

And now, on to the topic at hand....
You could view the said corrections at the link provided below: 

Great, you're back! So how was it?
Again, there are some issues that we all could agree with since proper anatomy & folds excuses no one.
Not even YOU, you RICKY MARTIN look-alike, you!
Speaking of fabrics, there actually are different kinds of materials OTHER than the ones we're probably thinking of/accustomed to. Because when anyone speaks of "superhero costumes", THIS is probably what we had in mind.
Thick, heavy and most probably made out of latex.
But had anyone ever considered some lighter and breathable material like maybe like.... 
Notice how the costume hugs to all the curves of the body?
Well, there you go!
And you know who else has that problem?
And who gives a shit if it looks painted on. If it looks great, then it's here to stay and if not then we'd probably won't be talking about it anyways so yeah....
We seriously appreciate the art lesson but we can't appreciate as to how this thing got blown out of proportion by the overly sensitive media. Suddenly serious news portals are weighing in on the subject. There's a Tagalog term for that:  BIGLANG TALINO!

All of sudden, non-comic book readers & collectors are appalled by the level of sexism in today's comic books. Lecturing us with morality and ethics issue that we'd rather not talk about. In addition to that,  is the sudden appearances of  fake Tim Gunns telling us about fabrics and what it can and it can't do.But we all have to remember that we're simply talking about comics here.Loosen up, will ya?
And while we're on the subject....
 Fuck you, if you want realism, then go read a newspaper or go buy a frikk'n history book.
Comics are comics and just like high-end artworks, it's not for everyone to touch and play with.
As inviting as the medium is, only a handful of people could truly appreciate the actual genius behind it.

Asking Manara to draw your cover is like asking a pornstar to masturbate on set.
It's something both special as it is magical.
It should be an absolute honor and not something to be the stuff of internet memes and forum chats.
Because THIS

most certainly does not look like THIS.
Get it together, CZECH yourselves before you REICH yourselves!
SSM! over and out!
And we close our statement with this equally insightful video we found on the interwebs.
Enjoy, ya dweebs!

and that's that!
the END
Get it?