Seiko Zeku Wallet

An old man with wicked sideburns using Strider Hiryu's costume and  Guy's move sets!
Really original, Capcom!

You should've just included Strider Hiryu instead or better yet THIS GUY:
Oh, but what do we know!

But cool theme though, I guess that's the only good thing about this character as of the moment.
And one more thing, what is up with your logo?
Are you guys experimenting on something because that shit looks terrible!



The best way to describe this show is that of Crank meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

The Alchemy Brothers

I guess everything just looks a whole lot better WITHOUT the cringeworthy Engrish subtitles:

I'm definitely digging Elric's metal armor.
And I'm also very pleased that they tried to stay faithful to the source material as possible.
Capturing both the quirkiness and the drama of both the anime and the manga.

And also,the Lust character does look the part. Kinda MILF-ish even!
So does Gluttony.
But more importantly, so does Nina Tucker.
Uh-oh, major spoiler alert!