H.P. Lovecraft

Located along Harrison Avenue corner P. Ocampo Street in the district of Malate, Manila.

Getting there is as simple as 123.
1. Take a LRT-1 then get off at Vito Cruz Station.
2. Walk a little and try to find the "Orange Jeeps" which would directly take you to the said mall.
3. Enjoy.

Landmarks within the vicinity : Century Park Seafood Restaurant, Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas.

Helmed as the country's first modern mall.
But such claims may no longer ring true since the current
Harrison Plaza is probably one of the oldest malls in the country, which is also
quite evident by it's old city vibe and overall architectural designs. A look very reminiscent of the old
Virra Mall in Greenhills.
And a little chilling history regarding the place,
Harrison Plaza was also built from an old cemetery lot within the said area.
picture courtesy of Philippine History And Architecture

The mall would also be plagued by the same modernization problems as it
enters the current generation. As controversies and buy-out/renovation talks from SM continues to persist.

Harrison Plaza was also smart enough to had partnered itself with both mall giants, Robinson's
and SM. Resulting with the place having both a Watsons and a Mercury Drugstore.
In addition to the usual shopping and dining establishments.
It also houses (most probably) one of the country's biggest Booksale.
But sadly enough, we were unable to purchase anything.
Questionable recreational areas.
And equally questionable action figures.

All in all, the place might have been left behind by other more popular malls.
But it does it's best to keep up with the times. And at this day and age of throwbacks and nostalgia, maybe this mall deserves more than just your memories but your time and attention as well. 


Alpha Club

Rat Of God

My god, the day has finally arrived!
The third mice from Mars is now available and is up for sale.
First mentioned here:

The only assembly aspect of this entire figure is in regards with its tail.
Which pretty much snaps right in quite easily.

Shown in scale next to a taller/more established toy:
Worth mentioning is that of the Vinnie figures having a broken back.
Insert your very own "Broke Back Mountain" reference in there but it is what it is!
And you might as well know about it in advance rather than to have you shame us online for selling you a mice with a hole on its back.
It's either a very unfortunate factory defect or most of the Vinnie action figures were quality controlled by the Iron Shiek!
But both Mondo and Throttle are in excellent condition. No broken backs or any factory defects whatsoever.

And with that in mind, you can now own the complete set of 10 inch Martian Bikers for the low-low price of P600.
Paypal payments only.
Paypal account: silent_sanctum@yahoo.com
Contact No.: 09196050009
Serious buyers only or GTFO!

Metro Manila/Philippines areas only as of the moment.
We currently don't have the knowledge or man power to ship overseas so we're terribly sorry about that, Biker Mice fans from around the world.
Shipping fees not included.
Also available for personal pick-ups, depending on the decided upon location.

Alita Franklin

Those are some nightmare inducing eyes.
Hopefully they could edit that out or something....

I know that they were going for that authentic manga/anime look.
But even there, it isn't really all that noticeable.
It is kinda distracting most especially when you consider how everyone else looks sort of normal-ish and all.

Basag Kotse Gang

Nobody needs cars in a street fight
hence here's a bunch of angry foreigners trying to prove that point.

Good Doggos


30 Years Of Fighting On The Streets

Official Trailer:

Official Boxart:
And on a related note...
Season 3 Characters for SFV!
Yay for BLANKA and SAGAT!


Omega Men 11

Looks all Mighty No. 9-ish!

But still, it's either this or no game at all.
Sooo sort off good job there, Capcom!

Men Of Mystery

Now, we're not here to recommend this movie.
Because chances are, you've probably seen or heard about it before
(and just in case you haven't. What the hell are you doing with your life??? Go ahead watch it, man! Do it, do it naowwww!).

But instead, we're here to point out the smaller cameos and easter eggs that you might have missed from this early and yet very impressive non-Marvel and non-DC Superhero movie.

By Bob Burden under Dark Horse Comics back in 1999.
We had to point that out since Marvel Comics did publish a similar title back in 2011.
It looked nothing like the heroes from the movie!
So shame on you, Marvel Comics from 2011.

Dane Cook as the Waffler.
Pre-Gnarls Barkley Cee-lo Green as one of The Rappers.
Lots and lots of Dark Horse Comics.
"Can You Dig It" (Cyrus) The Warriors reference courtesy of Geoffrey Rush.
And last but not the least, Michael Bay as the leader of the Frat Boys.

All and all, it's a pretty excellent movie. Complete with stunning set designs,
witty dialogues
memorable characters,
and one of the bestest song in the universe.
Paired that with a couple of equally awesome disco track 
and you have a movie that's just begging for a sequel. Now when will that ever happen? Only time can tell but hopefully it does happen within this lifetime.