Yuli Gagarin

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Yuli Evelina is a sort of new live cam model.
She've only started tweeting since Dec. 2 2015.
And there aren't that many pics/videos of her as of the moment.
But there is that ONE video that pretty much makes up for all that.
It's our current favorite and we're pretty sure its bound to be yours as well!
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/yevedoll

Happy Fapping!

Cannonball Run

Sony Dickstation

The dad wishes to join in because of what????
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Hot glorious TITS!
For after all, isn't that the main motivator to do ANYTHING in the first place?

Feast Face

Welcome to Book Fiesta!
The only event/convention we've attended all year long.
So hurray for boycott and overall laziness.

First promoted here:

But first things first, how do you even get from point A
to B without dying?
Ah yes, that's a tricky one to answer.
By walking across of it, of course.
But oh no,
that's WAAAAAY too dangerous to cross even if you're the self-proclaimed CROSSY ROAD champ and all.
Let's find a safer way to get to Quezon Memorial Circle.
Oh, what luck! Let's travel to the other side
with the help of these futuristic looking things (elevators)
and the ominously sounding City Hall Underpass.
Which houses numerous trivias about Q.C. landmarks and THIS crazy looking thing:
Which resembles a Sea Monster crossing the South China Sea, what does
that even suppose to mean? And why is it even there to begin with?

After which, congratulations you made it to the other side.
And now you're here!
If you could actually find it, that is.
It's a fun little labyrinth and all these road signs are doing their very best to point you to the wrong direction.
Pardon the expression but finding the venue itself is definitely no "walk in the park".
Well, it sort of is but ok let me rephrase that....
Getting there is no cake walk because it isn't easy and there aren't any cakes at the said venue.
Happy now?
Good, let's move on with our lives then.
The event itself was a fun little place where you could score all sorts of books.
Hence the FIESTA moniker.
Books from local publishers, museum curators, etc.
Ranging from children's book, history books to even some pre-loved reading materials.
Uhm, creepy!

But guess what, no comic books of any kind. Which is kinda sad, I guess?
But there were KOMIKEROS so atleast they weren't lying about that part of the equation.
And remember the nifty little book that was promised to be given away for free.
Well, guess what?
It's yet another elaborate lie 
because right off the bat, the event wishes nothing but the best by torturing their attendees with various nonsensical side quest of sorts.
Every booth has a single letter. Those letters would then be stamped on to your quest sheet.
Finding the last letter is always the hardest.
We had to sit this one out upon completion.
We then took our time to admire the scenery instead.
We also drew this nifty little artwork along the way.
We went away for a while since everything else is starting to look a lot more interesting than the event itself. And granted that this event took place in a park, it actually IS quite easy to wander off the event proper and enjoy other things instead.
See, that just happened.
Now, where were we?
Elsewhere, apparently!
And we had to recondition ourselves that we were indeed at a fun event called Book Fiesta.
But what's this?
Yet another glorious thing was being given away for free, you say?
This time courtesy of Akinto Marketing Corporation.

At this point it time, you just had to ask yourself. 
Was it really worth all the trouble?

But quite frankly it was a tad more easier when we were on the exhibitor side of things.
We could usually bypass all these rowdy event marshalls and all this lining up bullshit.
Again, attending an event as a normie/noob sucks balls!
It's like have your gameshark/game genie codes taken away from you just when you're about the finish the game and all.

But alas, it is what it is.
We also saw Chamtamaria gracing the event 
and somehow everything went a little better afterwards.
Thankfully the event was over, we made new friends but forgot to ask for their names or contact numbers so might as well not have met them in the first place.

We were then free to discover the rest of what the Circle had to offer.
And it actually has a lot more that what was immediately advertised.
You have restaurants,
the legendary World Peace Bell (which seems pretty PEACEFUL),
Circle of Fun (which seems pretty FUN, I guess ?),
Hardin Ng Mga Bulaklak (Garden of Flowers) (which seems quite flowery for the most part)
And they've even had this caterpillar looking thing.
That's definitely a caterpillar, alright.
The stress and hunger is definitely going to our heads. Might as well go somewhere else to rethink about our life choices.
We had dinner at a place called:
At Shorthorn Q.C.

Where in everything was tasty and quite affordable.
Thank god for TORO WINGS!
Ano yun?
Masyadong konti?
O e di mag-ala Ang Probinsyano tayo at magzoom-in!
O ayan, marami na!

It definitely made up for the long and tiring day we just had.
We were then cruelly reminded that unless we're selling something, we should NEVER
EVERRRR attend an event again as a regular ass attendee. 
Because it sucks and we don't wish to experience just that ever again!