Pressed For Time

Comment NOW
or die LATER.

Fo' Sho

We're really sooo happy for them.
I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!!
Just look at that thumbnail....
It doesn't get anymore sincerer than that.
THEY'RE happy, WE'RE happy,
it's definitely a win win situation for EVERYONE!


adik ka!!!!


Deep Rising

Please offer a minute of silence and a little prayer for the victims of the
detestable crime on what suppose to be a fun night at the movies.

Our deepest condolences for the family and friends of the victims.

Our sincerest hopes and wishes that they'd be able to move on from this horrendous 
tragedy and for justice be dealt swiftly and accordingly.

Thank you.

Heaven Has Too Many Kings

don't believe us?

Da King
Jack "The King" Kirby

King Of Rock And Roll
King Of Pop
King Of The High C's
King Kong
King Cold
King Mufasa
King Leonidas
Nat King Cole
Martin Luther King
and more recently
The King Of Comedy, DOLPHY.
Well, we could view this positively(cuz that's the only way we CAN at this point in time)
as that
they came,
they saw & 
they conquered

and now they're in a better place with the one
true KING that reigns supreme all over us.


Ard Addack

SSM! baby,

komiks ni MACOY baby,

IT114, baby!

July 14,2012(Bukas na po yun)


Bayanihan Center, Pasig City



Moan For Mona

Hey, our loyal and ever loving SSM! readers!
Not feel'n it?
Ah well, it worked mighty fine when that guy did it...

Shenanigans aside.
INDIEKET 2012 is this Saturday, July 14,2012.
Grab a date and visit us @IT 114.
That is where it's at!
Visit us or else, CARIDAD SANCHEZ would hate you.
Is that what you want, the sweetest old lady in philippine cinema to hate your guts?

In addition to your visits.Please and pretty please buy our new books that
to our surprise made it on time for the event.
The following books are as follow:
1. MONAY#1
2. MONAY#2

Priced @ P30.00 each of which containing 20 pages.
So that's like you're only paying us 10 bucks for something we slaved
and worked really hard...and you don't give a shit. We understand!

Artistic sentiments aside, this is an actual representation as to the scale
of our new books.
Size doesn't matter.It's what you do with it that really counts...LOL!

Aside from the above mentioned series.2012 also saw the printing of yet
another unique specimen.The SSM! Reading Chronology.
Before us there was only MARVEL COMICS who dared to try printing these sort of books.
And we all knew about them, NOW it's time you hear about the "OTHER" guys.
The other guys that are breaking the mold and not following the pre-constituted
guidelines as mandated by the BIG 3.Now it's time you heard about the "BIG 1".
This is OUR catalog. Our 6 year-ed journey condensed on to 20 pages of easy
reading.A must have for old and new readers alike.
You wanted the MOAN, well you got the MOAN.
Presenting the new and improved MONA#1.
Now with LIQUID FREE covers and interior pages.

So that's about it for now. See you this saturday.
Long Live Ronnie James Dio
and rock on, brothas!