Gallery-La Galley

As promised, here are some the pictures from the various events that we were fortunate enough to attend to over the past few weeks.
The said events that were previously announced in one of our older entry.
And just like before, we're not so much in a chatty mood as not to ruin their moment or stall you any further from seeing these pictures so we might as well let you connect the dots yourselves.
Well, that's that!
So please,

1. Headspace + Multiplay
and THIS piece that we just had to point out.
By our brothers from another mother,uh!
JOSEL NICOLAS & our new friend NELZ YUMUL.
And now it's time to put the spotlight on our good friend and future professor,ROBBIE!
Well, that's the last of 'em.
We gave out a couple of MINDORO shells and we really didn't get to finish the event itself. It has nothing to do with ROB or any of the MULTIPLAY guys.
We've spoken to them and we've made our apologies.
But it definitely has something to do with the venue itself.
Not that our grumpy old geezer genes are showing but the place and everywhere else is made even stuffier
by a bunch of bloody hipsters.
We ended up spending the other half of the evening at Chad's place
where the actual party is at.

2. Misplaced
After having a traumatic experience with the food and services of SAGUIJO the last time around.
We pretty much made sure that we've dined SOMEWHERE ELSE before we even try to visit the place a second time.
Enter Kansi Pat Pat at Sampaloc.
Seems like a nice place.
And we've been hearing nothing but praises from the patrons of the said establishment.
So we might as well try the local cuisine,right?
Lo' and behold we were served with this very suggestive delicacy.
There isn't any other manlier way to consume this other than to eat it sideways and avoid the dirty looks from everyone else. And we couldn't be too picky since we're running low on time (both from the establishment and for the exhibit.)So we had to swallow it...every damn inch of it.

After the unsavory foreplay, we must say that the UTAK part is simply orgasmic.
So fuck HIGH BLOOD and CHOLESTEROL, this is here and now.
So enough about your asian porn fetishes.
It was an awesome meal, they could have worked better on the presentation but that's a topic for another day.

Now on to the exhibit,
and wow! Will you look at that!
Congratulations on completing the tour now here's your FREE CHUPA....chups!
with special appearances by ROB!
And with special participation of the saddest close-up face of the night, RON!
But, all of a sudden! There were weird electronica sounds emanating downstairs.
It had to be them, it had to be TURBO GOTH!
we've been wanting to catch them LIVE ever since.
So tonight's our chance...
Currently setting our cameras from STUN 
....owkay...let me try that again!
M'kay, third times the charm, I guess?
Oh well, might as well just shoot a video then.
Well that went well, how about another one...
You know what would make their set even better?
Same material, same song, sans the flashing lights mebbe?
Are we getting too old for this lazer light show or are we just sitting to darn close to the stage?
Either way it sincerely felt like getting your picture taken.
Multiply that by a hundred times.
If it weren't for our digital camera then we'd probably go like THIS,
and more significantly like THIS.
This is most definitely not a diss on Miss Sarah's part.
Because I've been a fan even before there was a TURBO GOTH.
Bullshit you say?
Well get a load of THIS!
(courtesy of TWINKLE FERRAREN via Boss Amy)
(courtesy of DRAVEN via Boss Amy)
(courtesy of UNO Magazine Aubrey Miles Issue)
So it's safe to say that I've been drawing Miss Sarah ever since 2009.
And I've been religiously following her career path ever since their first appearance in FHM.
So I could confidently say the Turbo Goth without the lights would equally be as nice as Turbo Goth with lights.But either way, it's just OUR suggestion. Not that it would matter and when their actual music sounds
amazing to begin with. So why change anything?
So out of a possible 8 shots
We only got 1 good one.
So we're what BRET HART would like to call a 4/10!
We then went back upstairs to say farewell and congratulate the man of the hour, Kuya Jayps.
but he's a bit preoccupied at the moment and we'd give him that.
Kuya Jayps as Mr. Fantastic.
But we did receive a hug and that is more than enough of a consolation prize by our standards.
So our only regret of the night was not being able to see THE ADVERTISING BAND OF THE PHILIPPINES perform but we were still pretty fortunate enough to be able to catch a teensy-weensy bit of WWE PPV : BATTLEGROUND.
Unfortunately for us we caught a glimpse of THIS nightmare
as opposed to THIS beautiful dream.
But who are we to complain?
It was a fun-filled night packed with phallic food, flickering lights and mischievous kittens. Now can you dig that, SUCKA!!!