Pistang Bayan

Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on April 23,2017 (Sunday/TODAY)
9AM - 5PM
at the Promenade, Quezon City Memorial Circle (near Peace Monument).

At 11AM until 3PM, on-the-spot comic book making with 
Tepai Pascual
Rob Cham
Apol Sta. Maria
Harvey Tolibao, and 
Manix Abrera!
The same Manix Abrera who made these:

Comics/infographics that are to be given away for  FREE!
So arm yourselves with knowledge and not just any knowledge, LEGAL knowledge, even!
And with that in mind, we shall see you guys at the FIESTA!


Days Of Yore

Hey kiddies, it's time to adjust your flux capacitors to 1.21 and time travel with the coolest cats in the land, S-S-M!
Let's begin, shall we?
From the same manufacturers of Cow Label.
Chivalry Foods is at it again with their super addictive Pinoy Jerky.
Each boxes contain 10 packs of these highly addictive snacks and quite frankly 10 packs are never really enough for anyone.
I mean, just look at that!
And it's actually softer than Cow Label because it's been shredded uniformly. Unlike Cow Label that at times are as hard as a rock.
Random AC/DC references are funny!
It's also no longer as hard as a rock. And they've also added in a new flavor. Again, this would probably had something to do with the sudden change in manufacturer. See, it used to be manufactured by Sharkey.
And now it's being produced by New Soonly.
Sans the shark mascot and sans the sweetness.
The sweetness had also been reduced significantly, not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But at least the new manufacturers are more health conscious. With diabetes and cancer plaguing the country and all.

Something I won from an amusement park in Hong Kong.
And guess what? It's made in the Philippines.
ALSO made in the Philippines.
Worth mentioning that there was a period of time when we actually made our own toys as opposed
to importing them from China or elsewhere.

Speaking of stuffs being made locally, so are these things:
Jollibee would used to be able to produce their own soft Vinyl toys.
The quality would be somehow similar to that of Ultraman or Kaiju Sofubis.
Among other things are these:
Which are mostly used in playing a Pinoy Street Game called "Tatsing or Tanching" or simply a more tagalized way of saying "Touching" as to where the word was originally borrowed from.

The objective of the game was to hit as many bottle caps with your chosen "Pamato".
These were some of my personal favorites:
The Orange Colossus one was by far my favorite. Since it's really flat and could be thrown in far distances. And for some odd reason, I also tried painting over them. This was my earlier attempts at customizations, I guess?

And also these obviously fake DBZ figures since I was far too young and too poor to afford the real thing at the time.
Army mens,
All 4 different shades of them.
Our personal favorites were Soldier With A Spoon and Sheriff Mc Scratchass.
There were also a whole bunch of nameless/brandless robots at the time.
Some I could only assume were based off Robotech or Marvel's Shogun Warriors. Or any other Super Robot Series that's airing or popular at the time.
Uhm yeah, I'm pretty sure this is Transformers inspired but the water squirting action sure isn't!

There were also a few weirder ones, like this fake but very Golden Batman,
Fake Voltes Vs,
Fake Zero from Rockman.
All of which were conveniently sold at marketplaces, bangketas (sidewalks) and at common areas near schools and similar establishments.

Amidst all the fake toys are legit ones like these:
And we've finally found the housing of our Takara Robot Watch!

These legit lovebirds.
These legit boxing gentlemens encased in a controller shaped arena.
It's like Polly Pockets for boys! Or must I call it a Mighty Max rip-off instead?
And it's always cool to switch their bodies around.
Ain't so tall now, enh, Fake Ryu?
This nifty looking tin car.
This legit badass of a robot named Leader -1 of Challenge Of The Gobots.
This baby cost P69.50 at Rustan's. I bet it would definitely cost a whole lot more nowadays.
But then again, it has a broken fin so we wouldn't be too sure about its value either.
He does look a little less nerdier than his cartoon counterpart.

There-there buddy!
You're still No. 1 in our books!

And last but not the least this legit mummy boss from Mummies Alive.
Aquarium Decorations:
The Three Wise Monkeys were a popular motif at the time. And so are tiny pagodas.

Gaming Devices:
Hey, it's your typical nonsensical Game & Watch from Manong Game & Watch whom seems to only appear during town fiestas and birthdays.

And that's about it, we can't mess too much with time since it only triggers alternate timelines.
You wouldn't want another Billionaire Biff timeline now, wouldn't you?
Oh wait, we're actually within that timeline since Trump got elected and all.....