Casted In Dreams

I DREAMED a dream in time gone by.
When hope was high and life worth living.
I dreamed that love would never die.
I prayed that God would be forgiving.
Go ahead...say it, say it!

Pearl Animal

Dalawang pansipit.
Kung maipit, ang sakit!
Anlalaki ng,
Anlalaki ng,

Law Of Natural Selections

Apparently, we did good on our very first surplus store review.
(evidently by the number of pageviews this particular post is garnering)

And with that in mind, we are more than happy to review yet another surplus
store. This time in the form of JAPAN SELECTIONS @ 78 Brgy. Balong Bato Quirino Ave.
So put on your confettis
 and party shoes,

The place is relatively easy to find.
I mean you can't miss it.
All the more if you happen to live around the QUIRINO AVE. area.

It sits peacefully next to a MOTORTRADE motorcycle store and a MERCURY DRUGSTORE
By: Dan Ramon Geromo

which happens to be adjacent to a 7 ELEVEN store and a vacant lot.

If you've seen the CALTEX gas station then you'd went too far.
Back track a couple of steps then you're there, buddy boy!

So that takes care of the "DIRECTIONS" part of the program.
And now back to the good part,
The place carries an ample amount of goods.
Ranging from camping equipments, toys/dolls, rocking chairs, household appliances and
some sporting goods. Relatively smaller than HALINA but it still is pretty good in terms
terms of varieties and products being sold.

They boast a bunch of loose and relatively in good condition KAMEN RIDER action
figures. To which I ignorantly referred to as "KAMEN RIDER WITH SCARF".
That and a couple of ANPAN BREADMAN plushies and figures.
They also have tons of those MOTION SENSOR Plug & Play TV games.
Which I think became a trend someway and somehow in Japan.
Because this would later on be the prototype for a much more mainstream
gaming console called the Nintendo Wii.
(We were unable to photograph any of these toys for the documentation of this blog
as to these items were located very near the cashier.We didn't do so for
fear of being reprimanded by the staffers.)

What particularly caught our attention was THIS,
Yep, that's right our good folks on the other side of this internet!
Those are indeed SUPER NES CARTRIDGES.
Here, we pulled out a copy just as so you can recognize it better.
Still doesn't ring a bell, well how about now?
And lookie here, a SUPER NES controller!
And even a mothereff'n SUPER GAME BOY Adapter.
This place boast a bunch of peripherals for various consoles.
Let's say a brand new steering wheel for your SEGA SATURN?
Then maybe some VIRTUA FIGHTER KIDS and SAKURA WARS just for kicks?
They got you all covered!
And oh look at that...a futuristic vibrator of some sort.
We're kidding, of course.
And now here's a picture of a MULTITAP shot in the dark.
The ever popular, PS2.
They'd also carry several relatively unknown manga titles such as these babies:
"Od Ree" manga
Calligraphy manga
Cooking Papa (according to Mike of Happy Lockjaw)
Teenage drama...
SUNGIT reporter manga
Ganguro manga
and the occasional GOURMET MANGAS.(Oishinbo)
Actually there are a LOT of gourmet mangas.
In complete volumes even!
And as mentioned before, it's COOLIO EGLESIAS to see a couple of "FAMILIAR
FACES" every now and then.
Like this CAPETA kid,
from that anime title with a lot of northing and fisting!
There are also a couple of WAR NOVELS
and books that we could only describe as
Some various figurines and display materials.
Owkay...who the hell would wanna display THAT?
Oh yeah, that's right.... US!
Mi mumsy also bought home some household items and a takoyaki machine.
While I bought me a measly two books worth of a haul.
Namely THIS one
with pages that look like THIS.
And the proverbial...OH MY scenes!
and THAT one.
All that and a FREE CHUPA!
Owkay, I'd say it was totally worth checking out.
We'd advice you to go check and rate it for yourselves.
Hit us back and share with us your experience at the store.
We'd be more than happy to trade stories with you guys.
'Till then, happy hunting you faqkers!