Sixpack Shakur : The 4 in 1 Mega Event Of 2015

The sixth run-through of the small press expo and for a  
Better Living Through Xeroxography!

January 17 & 18, 2015
2pm to sawa 

Uno Morato 

Selling and Talking

And here is the list of sellers!

Saturnino Basilla
Mika Bacani
Sari-Sari Komiks

Strvnge Things
Birdhouse Bakers
Kowtow Komiks
Balangay Books
the Cabinet
Charging Station

Wonder Stories
Gumil Metro Manila
Vince Dioquino
Cesarios Asarios
Eva & Zeny
Chain Mason
the Rugged Prince
Meynard Baptista
Kowtow Komiks
Balangay Books
the Cabinet
Charging Station

Event Posters:
By Adam David
By Bru Sim-Nada
By Dark Chapel 
By Mara Saturday

By Apol Sta. Maria 
By Mica Bacani
By Julienne Dadivas
By Birdhouse Bakers
By Giodesk Guiao
By Sonia Pascual
By Saturnino Basilla
By Wina Puangco
By Patrick "Rawwrr" Enrique
By AJ Bernardo
By Eduardo Tesorero
By Bernardo Gatus
By Carlorozy Clemente
By Carljoe Javier
By Marcushiro Nada
By Andrew Ilagan
Noel Pascual's The Pretender Book Launch:
And coinciding with yet another big event at night,
Miles Fabonan
Marcushiro Nada
Michael David
Danielle Rina
and yours truly!

on the following day. 

Jan. 18, 2014
Uno Morato
So many events, so little time!
A little tight one can't stop me on a dime!


Secondary Sponsors In Full Regalia (2/3)

Oct. 9
Starting off with this list is a great follow-up story on the developments of comedy.
Stand-up comedy to be exact.
what started out as an invitation to perform jokes and share the gift of laughter had currently blown up to be
a revolution in itself. With regular performances both at Bistro Alfonso and of course at Uno Morato. Hosted regularly by Sir GB Labrador.
and with special participation of both Noel Pascual
and the now fully evolved comedian, Josel Nicolas!
There's also a video of our performance uploaded somewhere within the confines of the interwebs. But we sincerely don't have the heart to share it with everyone. It's not that bad but it isn't that good either. So yeah, let's leave it at that!

Exit Uno Morato and now we step in to Jeps' home turf.
The concert stage.
In front of a live crowd at Black Kings (West Ave.)
From the concert stage to the auditorium stage!

would be the day the Teenage Mutants met their match against the Uncanny Komikeros!
Enter Xequence Comic Convention up at Xavier School (San Juan).
How the stage looked like BEFORE the art talk/symposium:
So put on your best Brendan Fraser face Josel
First wave of students:
I know this is a free show and all but DAYUM SON!
Just look at this capacity crowd!
And as we prepare to be awesome,
the school faculty does their own last minute reprimands/reminders for the rowdy crowd.
And just like that, we started the discussion with our good friend and all around cool guy, Noel Pascual.
Or second attack came in the form of the comedic prodigy, Josel Nicolas.
We then delivered the deathblow and finished off strong with the combined efforts of the QBCCC Osmosi Crew.
 The first half was dedicated to Rob Cham & Trizha Ko.
The second half was then alloted to Carlorozy and yours truly
In which he played a game with the attendees.
Nope, not THAT kind of game!
But with a survey to be more precise.
Which was answered honestly/wholeheartedly by the students.
And last but not the least...ME!
I woke up every single entity in the room.
You dare sleep during or after my lecture, you will fuck'n die!
After which came (heh, came!) an open forum where in we took on every single question and answered it
to the best of our abilities.
Post event selling / Meet & Greet:
We then went home with this lovely souvenir.

Which to my understanding is a color changing thermal mug.
Let's try it out!

Uhm, yeah!
I guess it isn't the kind that changes color, let's get back on this a little later on.
Kudos to staff and faculty members of Xavier.
Sa uulitin!

Having fun at home shots:
Scored this funky fresh Girl Gamer Comics by Rob Cham + Gia Densing from McDo.
Then drank this energy drink (for apparently no reason at all, other than it being the only thing chilled in the refrigerator.)
Which disappointingly enough didn't turned me into THIS:
or THIS:

Oct 18
Saturday Fun Machine / Reading Comics IV : A Good Day To Read Hard.

Considering what had just happened the week prior to this event.
(If you're not in the know, then good for you!)
Let me just say that I wasn't at my best.
But I still showed up because I'm a fuck'n professional!
I missed out on half of the program, arriving around 5pm onwards an all.
But then again, I wasn't feeling 100% so it's a forgivable excuse to say the least.

Saturday Fun Machine pics:
So that's about it! Time to read us some comics.
Part 4 even!
With some last minute edits on Noel's poster:
And a live gameplay of what looks to be corporate employees running on floating planks.
First up is the comedic tandem of Noel x AJ.
Followed by the digital tandem of Noel x Chapel.
*No performance picture available*
Where in they debuted the new title/concept aptly enttitled : KUYUGUN-Z!
A fighting game inspired komik book based on these 12 random panels.
Moving right along with Mervin Malonzo's animated reading of TABI PO.
Afterwhich by JP Palabon's Puso Negro #1.
Followed by Trizha Ko's mad rhymes!

I could've took more pics but my phone kinda died up on me.
Hence I missed out on Carlorozy's epic performance of Ang Badass Na Buhay Ni Lam-Ang
and Mervin+Adam's preview of Ang Subersibo.

HOWEVER was finally able to purchase my personal copy (o, wala ng hihiram nito a) of ALAMAT NG PANGET by Apol  Sta. Maria.
 Even had it signed and life was indeed cheerful and dandy!
That and Ched De Gala's The Runner.

Oct 21
Did a couple more book illustrator test draws at everyone's favorite SOSYAL place, BGC.

Snapped a couple of pics while I'm at it!

Scariest entrance to a public bathroom since....EVER!
And just like CHIVALRY, PRIVACY is also dead!!!
It states the same warning twice because it bears repeating!
And being locked out at something is never fun
(except maybe for this guy)
, just go ahead and ask Fred Flintstone!

Oct. 25
Resting Bitch Face with Emiliana Kampilan.
 listen to recording here:
Pics from the said talk:
Back to back with Good Food Sundays.

Total hours spent at Uno Morato : 13 hours.
Borrowed this book from Josel.
Rob Schrabbbbb!!!

Nov. 8
Reading Komiks V: Alamat Ng Panget 2K14 Minor Relaunch Party
 This is the only Reading Comics event I missed out on due to personal reasons.
Still pretty much bummed out about it to this day!

Fukkatsu No "F"
Not really komiks related but FUUUUCK!
A new DBZ Movie!!!

Nov. 15
Komikon X
Was SUPPOSED to be my last Komikon.
But yeah due to circumstances devoid of my choosing I still had to be there.
For a list of those circumstances please click on THIS.
Thank you, Rob!
My Komikon merchandises/huling habilin sort of note:
Debuted these two bad boys:
Books obtained via trade/ for free/ out of pity:
Books I actually purchased:


Dec. 3
Stupid Is Forever Book Launch
Arrived late thus missed out on all the Miriam related fun.
Was able to photograph the stacked chairs
and the standee though,

So yeah, that's still gotta amount to something, right?
Like F for EFFORT??
Or something,I dunno...

But kidding aside, I still am very proud of my inclusion in the book.
An inclusion that might not have happened if it weren't for my good pal Josel's word of mouth/recommendations!

So 2014 might not had been too bad after all.
It's a blessed hellride through a lil' bit of the good and a lil' bit of the bad.
A roller coaster of emotions to say the least....
Stay tuned for the next entry, where in we end this trilogy with a bang.