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From one RICK to another RIC.
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Which VIDEO?
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which ONE?
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With his trademark WOOOO! and debonair style, Ric Flair is one of the most respected, charismatic and influential wrestler of the modern age. Born Richard Fliehr in Memphis, Tennessee, the fledging Ric Flair was already a high school heavyweight champion in his teens. He was trained for the professional circuit by legendary American matman Verne Gagne, entering the profession for the AWA promotion in 1972 holding George 'Scrap Iron' Gadaski to a 10-minute draw.
Two years later, Flair headed for the NWA Mid-Atlantic area, where the 'Nature Boy' defeated Paul Jones for the Mid-Atlantic Television Title. This began an unparalleled run of ring honors but fate dealt a cruel blow when Flair was involved in a plane crash during October 1975 in which he broke his back in three places. He was told by doctors to never wrestle again and it is a measure of tenacity of Ric Flair that a little over 12 months later he was back in the ring and heading for more victories.
Eventually, Flair found his way into WCW where he was recognized as the World Heavyweight Champion.His career in the WCW sourced when he quit and wound up appearing for the opposing organization, WWF. But with the WCW Heavyweight Belt still adorning his waist.It was reported that Flair owned the belt hence the WCW organization had to buy it back for a whopping $75,000.
Currently in TNA, Flair continues to be one of the busiest wrestler in the profession, often wrestling six nights a weeks and in matches that could go to an hour or more. Very much of the old school, Ric Flair had demonstrated that whilst having the gift of the gab, it is skill in the ring that demands the long-term success.
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Rickitty Reyes

Have you heard about RIKI-OH : THE STORY OF RICKY?
It's an awesome film...so please *don't watch it....
instead watch these awesome gif we have collected for your viewing pleasure/disgust!

You could find more or not almost all of the gifs @
There is also a nifty full movie documentation within the link.

P.S.: No,we're just kidding! Go ahead RENT IT then WATCH IT!
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Which Q?
This Q right here!

Well, she didn't really appear on the series but her sweet NIKITA-ish voice does.
Take a looksie...er hearsie..

(skip to 2:43 to hear her voice, you impatient bastard,you!) 

So.....thanks for the heads up, MARIO LOPEZ!
The very few times that we actually watch your show, you were able to show us something worthwhile.
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