Diamonds Are Forever

It's not a bad thing.....



Nokia 3310

The future is here and the future is now....

Hindi na dikit-dikit yung mga buton ng keypad?
At ba't colored?
Makain yan sa batirya!!!!
Ugh, fuck this!
Hinype ka pa man din namin!


Yes We Can With A Nokia 3310

And although this be a fan trailer of the actual phone.
We sincerely hope that the actual phone does look and sound like how it was a decade ago.
Our very first phone was a Nokia 6150.
Then followed by Nokia 3120 Classic.
And currently, a Nokia 1208.

All units were as tough as NAILZ.
(yes, the wrestler!)
All of which had survived numerous falls (not that we'd intentionally do that to our phones) and had given the phone minor to zero damages.
A big thumbs up for it's fun
and functionality.
It's godlike battery life.
Texting was a whole lot easier and there were no auto-corrects to be blamed for your misspellings.
Every typo and grammatical errors were all attributed to your own text speak/pre-jejemon speech pattern.
And last but not the least, endless possibilities for personalizations.

So welcome back to 2017,
For there were far too many flirty messages left unsent.
Far too many high scores left unbeaten.
Far too many tunes left uncomposed.
Far too many ugly logos/wallpapers/picture messages left unshared and undownloaded.
And far too many obnoxious ringtones to use and ignore!
So many memories contained in such a pocket sized device!

Hence welcome back to the era of the smartphones, the god of mobile phones.

Muzak Ryder

Only 1400 B.C. kids will remember this!

But seriously speaking, 1969 sounds like an awesome year to be alive.
If only we could travel back in time and be born a little bit earlier!
But then again, we would've been old af by now hence screw that!
Let's keep things the way it is and stop producing Sports Almanacs from hereon out.
For it only creates Alternate Biff Timelines which causes nothing but trouble
for everyone else!

Gung-Ho Ganz

and they're all as WILD as fuck!

I'm seriously digging the new character.

It's funny because she's FAT and equally muscular at the same time!
But sadly enough, I couldn't say the same thing for the drone with a dog.
As much as how we love high tech gadgets and puppy videos on Instagram.
This game could've been better off without this odd and rather random pairing.

But all in all, the game looks great on a much wider screen and on a newer console. Aiming was a bit troublesome during it's SNES days hopefully they've addressed that by providing an auto-aim function or something similar to that extent.

And hopefully, OTHER Natsume titles would follow suit and join in on this grand revival of the 90's sort of thing. 
Yes, we're talking about you, Ninja Warriors
and you as well, 
Pocky And Rocky!

Cock & Cunt Art

As drawn by your favorite male and female pornsta....adult entertainment celebrities,


Keep Yourself Alive

Travel the world, save lives and punch a foreigner or two.
All the more reasons for you to drive a TOYOTA, TODAY!


Ja Kolin

Wha- you were expecting maybe something else???
Something like this, I guess?

But seriously, there's something VERY wrong with this design...
Just like Urien, we feel like she's a bit overdressed for the occasion.
Ah, there you go!
That's more like it!

Isa Kang Alamat!

So it's the late 90's and early 2000's, what local comic books could you possibly collect besides tagalized
Marvel Comics, Funny Komiks, Pugad Baboy and Pupung?
Wait! TAGALIZED, you say?
Weh, di nga!

Well anyways, for starters you could always try Alamat Comics.
(Courtesy of Danry Sequitin Ocampo.)

Now, we must stress that we really don't have a legendary "DANRY LIKE" collection to brag about for the only other Alamat book we had at the time was this one:
back to back with:
We've also wanted to try ANGEL ACE.
(Courtesy of Danry Sequitin Ocampo.)

But was quite reluctant to do so at the time, for we never really knew what the interior pages looked like and was too busy collecting something else.

So the book in itself was billed to be "THE LAST BATCH 72 STORY",which would be
such a shame since this would eventually be our very first book from the said title.
And no, the book didn't come with random strands of Gummy Worms, that's just something we did for Instagram purposes. Food and komiks....Sure, it's a weird combination  but you just had to go with the flow.
The interior art would be done by none other than Mr. Arnold Arre (After Eden, 
Trip To Tagaytay) of TALA Studios and Arvie Villena.
Also worth mentioning is that the colors for the cover were done by Ian "AgimatSta. Maria (Skyworld).
And back cover art by both Arnold Arre & Kajo Baldisimo (Trese).
Such names that would later on be staples of various Komikons in the years and years to come.
And sadly enough, we wouldn't be the first owner of this very book. For it once belonged to
a girl named: Jenny.
Which Jenny?

That Jenny?
Nobody knows for sure....

Morgue would undeniably be our favorite character.
Him and quite possibly, Dr. Kadiliman
(whom was a collaborative character by David Hontiveros, Budjette Tan and Arnold Arre) whom we mistakenly speculated to be Adolf Hitler.
I guess the whole "Infamous World War II Super-Villain" tagline was a bit misleading.

Now, weren't COMPLETELY oblivious to the series, for we actually
knew a few names like Brown-out, Kadi and Astig.
This was mainly due to the C3CON booklet we had at the time.
Speaking of which, C3Con would very well be our very first exposure to the whole convention
Prior to this, we only knew titles as shown/fed to us by mainstream media/publications.
We started out as noobsNBS bookworms, for that was the ONLY go-to place at the time.
There weren't any Fully Booked or Powerbooks in sight.
Sure, there were a handful of FILBAR'S but most of which were a bit too far from where we lived and studied at the time.

And basically, ANYWHERE outside of our standard route (Bahay-School, School-Bahay) was deemed "too far away".

Commuting was a scary adventure and there wouldn't be any Waze or Google Maps that could
eventually guide you back home.
And again, this entry is dedicated to the home of new rock:
R.I.P., you magnificent beast, you!