Signature Skullduggery

For those who have been wondering as to why we're in such a FANART-sy-fartsy
mood lately is because we've been doing nothing but cleaning & rearranging our bookshelves.

And more often than not, you'd get to find nifty lil' treasures every now and then.
Treasure that would transport you back in time ala
Back to a time of innocence, more specifically: BACK TO THE 90's!
And since throwback this and throwback that is all the rage nowadays,
we oughta revisit one of our original fanarts for YUYU HAKUSHO or more
commonly known here as GHOST FIGHTER.
The original plan here was to draw the SEVEN PSYCHICS from the BLACK CHAPTER SAGA.
We ended up only doing GAMEMASTER & SNIPER.
And after seeing as to how bland and uninspiring these older works were, we
tried take another crack at it. And this time depicting all seven of them. And guess what, you'd get to view
all that in one clean swoop.
So presenting to you, our very own SENSUI'S SEVEN ROGUES GALLERY.
1. Amanuma Tsukihito (Gamemaster)-2008
2. Hagiri Kaname (Sniper)-2010
3. Makihara Sadao (Gourmet) & Toguro Ani-2013
This was the scene we tried to replicate.
Since the anime version was a bit lame.
And the manga version just looks weird.
4.Itsuki (Gatekeeper)-2013
5.Dr. Kamiya Minoru (Doctor)-2013
6. Mitarai Kyoshi (Seaman)-2013
7. Sensui Shinobu/ Kazuya (Dark Angel)-2013


Blue Baby Syndrome

And just in case you haven't heard!
And we might not own ourselves a
But we sure as hell thinking about it right after seeing the said preview.
Because we know a good fight when we see one!
And just 'cuz we're so psyched out by the game's trailer here are a few MEGAMAN/NINTENDO mash-ups we could expect come 2014!
1. Mario v.s. Megakong
2.Hitmonlee v.s. Airman
3. Captain Falcon v.s. Metall
4. Kirby v.s. Mega Man Zero
That's all folks, go away,shoo, scram, BEAT it!

Risk ReDUCKtion Management



Capcom Generations 2

part 2 of this post right here.

And notice how everyone's (well almost..) posing with their number two hand signs.
YEAH, we pretty much did that on purpose to usher in the second generation of CAPCOM related fanarts.

And again, friends!
If you like what you see then feel free to COMMENT, SHARE, TWEET and BLOG about us..
That's that and enjoy the gallery!

1.Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
2. Donovan Blaine (Darkstalkers)
3. Rolento F. Schugerg/Laurent (Final Fight/Street Fighter Alpha 2)
4. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
5. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis)
6. Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe)
7. The Great Oni (Saturday Night Slam Masters)
8. Blanka (Street Fighter II)
9.Captain Commando (Captain Commando)
10. Saki Omokane (Quiz Nanairo Dreams)
11.Jack (Power Stone)
12.Strider Hien (Strider)
13. Shadow Lady (Marvel v.s. Capcom)
14. Abigail (Final Fight)
15. Jill Valentine & Shadow ( Resident Evil / Marvel Super Heroes v.s. Street Fighter)
16.Rikuo (Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior)
17. Dante (Devil May Cry)
18. Nina (Breath Of Fire IV)
19. Adon (Street Fighter/Fighting Street)
20. Ton Pooh (Strider)
21. Hannah Dundee (Cadillacs & Dinosaurs)
22. Lt. Linn Kurosawa (Alien v.s. Predator)
23. Megaman & Bass (Rockman & Forte)
end of PART 2.
Stay tuned for PART 3.

Fun Times With Google Images

Just a collection of weird and at times awesome search results that are someway-somehow connected to SSM!
Enjoy the mildly amusing absurdity, y'all!
and our personal favorite, THIS one!