Courtesy of Sir Gerry Alanguilan
Just in case you've been living under a rock, YEAH!
That sort of thing had just happened.
It HAPPENED and it made news just about EVERYWHERE you could possibly imagine.
Don't believe us then check it out for yourselves.

From Philippine Daily Inquirer:

From The Philippine Star

From ABS-CBN News.

From InterAKSYON.

From GMA News.

The very first thing that immediate came to our mind was that " BA'T SILA MAGAGALIT E TOTOO NAMAN A!". It doesn't take a POL MEDINA JR. to reach to that kind conclusion because everyone's aware of it. Not only at exclusive colleges but even at public schools as early as elementary even.
The problem resides most probably after the strip namedropped the name of the school rather than leaving it anonymous. Either way this should actually serve as a wake-up call rather than something that deserves legal action or unnecessary sanctions. If all else, Sir Pol should have even been given an award for being HONEST and BRAVE enough to tackle these issues while others would most definitely shy away from.

Again, topics like RELIGIOUS feelings are being thrown in the mix when the ACTUAL topic was GAY+LESBIAN relationships.It's actually that old-fashioned provincial thinking that hinders our development as a member of the said community and lowers the standard of komiks to a mere child's storybook. It is through comedy that we break the ice and we break the silence on topics like these. Pol Medina Jr. should've been spared from all these non-sense and legalities.What we need right now are more PMJR. and a lot less of THIS guy!
We need intelligent, thought-provoking materials.
And there's never enough of that nowadays.
And we are more than thankful he graces our annual KOMIKON.
So please, if you've been a PB fan( like we do) since...ever please help sign the petition reinstating Sir Pol @ PDI.
In an actual statement from his official facebook page, Mr. PMJR. only had this to say.
And once more, it's very exciting that the  DANGEROUS DAYS of KOMIKS are back with a vengeance but then again it's at the expense of Sir PMJR. 's illustrious career and good name. We are currently having mixed emotions about it but mostly we are glad that we had something to fight for. Komiks are no mere child's picture book and are as dangerous as the NOLIs and the EL FILIs of the ancient times.
Because KOMIKS should be dangerous again and that's exactly why we're still here!

Soooo here's a salute to Mr. Medina and the monster he had created.
SSM! staff and management couldn't even been prouder that we've actually been following the RIGHT person all this time.
Keep fighting the good fight Sir Pol at inuulit po namin, CONGRATS sa inyong much deserved na TV Appearance.

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