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Ey yo, CHICO!

Oh yes, finally!
NONE of this bullcrap!

and more importantly NONE of this fake shit either!
Just THIS!
and THIS!
and THAT!
and THIS!
and THAT!
and finally THIS!
YEAH, if only they could replace MR.T and  CARLOS COLON with RANDY SAVAGE and CHRIS BENOIT,
that would be great!


Ride All You Can

It's all fun and games until someone falls off a cliff then EXPLODES!
So kamen, get excited!
Like HEM!
Go for ett and aim for that big RED dot we call LAYF!


Hanging Habraggart

So sorry to have to boast about this all over again.
But this is just too awesome to ignore.
And we repeat, we usually get retweets but never by the person were actually featuring.
So thank you,
and most notably
And for those not it the know (and can't read very OBVIOUS job descriptions),
Mr. Ito is the CREATURE & BACKGROUND DESIGNER for the insanely creepy game SILENT HILL 1/2/3
Here are some of his body of work/creations for all you doubting thomases out there!
So we went from being named after the game(this is exactly where we got the "SILENT" part ) to being able to rub digital elbows with the who's who of the gaming world. We sincerely can't wait to get a retweet from Hideo Kojima, but seriously that would be asking too much! But it would even be sweeter if it happened.

So yeah, it sincerely is such an honor to have receive those retweets where it would matter the most.

And not only on twitter, The Omi K Gibson Cosplay page  and even Omi herself shared our entry on their personal walls.Evidently with THIS screencap right here!
How awesome is that?
And Omi herself had this to say for the said tribute.
There seriously are no words to describe this!
This is TOTALLY well worth the entire effort we put into this!
Good job , SSM!.


Bureking Nyews



OPTIMUS PRIME finally looking a bit like his G1 cartoon counterpart.
Well, at least in the trailer it sort of does....(most especially the windshields and grills part of the truck).
and the bestest news of 'em all, 
Oh, happy days!!!
And oh, here one more trailer that we forgot to share last month.
But hoope you'd still watch it despite the late posting and all.
OMG, John C. Reiley's doing superhero movies now?
Well, I guess that would push the making of  STEPBROTHERS 2 even further away to almost an impossible ....whattabummer!

Legendary Cosplayer : Omi K Gibson

Omi K Gibson, most famous for her Epic MGS Olga (armpit and sans armpit hair version.)
& incredibly detailed Gray Fox cosplays,
C/Katherine cosplays,
Kneesocks cosplays,
Our personal favorite, NSFW ones,
Fetish/Bondage-y stuff,
Creepy stuff,
Various Anime series & movies,
Various Fighting Game characters,
To offbeat movie and comic book characters.
You name it, she and her delicious mole has done it all.
Plus the title kinda sez it all and what else is there left to say that hasn't been said about her?
Practically none, so shut up now and enjoy the rest of the show.
Watch her on Deviantart:
Add/Like her on Facebook:
And Follow her on Twitter:
More pics available @
Well, that's the last of 'em!