Coaxial Amputechture

Now, on to an event we were actually looking forward to all week long.
An event that was "aww, sayang at napostponed" last two months ago.
There you go....
Staged at The Warrior Poet Art Cafe.
(Where independet merch is king)
Organized by the boys of Chain Mason.
The same guys from this previous exhibition:

The variety in art style is definitely there.
And all artworks considered, it ranges from newbies
to industry's veterans.

It boast the industry's best and the brightest.
Ate Jo
Sir Ilog
Marius Black
David Sysing

Pat Rawwrr

Aeron Tepace
and of course, Yours truly!

Successfully blending two of the things we are most passionate about: Painting and Sequential Art (or Komiks/Comics/Comix/Manhwa/ Manga).
This was our very first group exhibit after college.
As a matter of fact, the only time we've even heard of the words: "Komiks" and "Exhibit" being used in the
same sentence was when Point Zero Comics staged their exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
In recent years, no one else had even bothered to orchestrate a similar gathering .
And we're not talking about convention style galleries, we're talking straight up inside a gallery
type of exhibition. A place where sequential panels truly belongs to in the first place. So yeah....

It is quite admirable as to how Chain Mason was able to accomplish so much
in such little time.
They had staged their own convention (Damn Circus!), had their own group exhibit and
now they're extending the same courtesy to their friends and industry colleagues.
In effect, they were able to legitimize komiks making by bringing it to a gallery space where it
truly belongs. No more of that exclusivity and that "kayong mga indie kayo" status. Komiks is simply put, not just some bastard child of art, it is ART in itself. It is art it it's purest and rawest form. And no one else can argue as to how hard it is to produce your own comic book let alone produce it at a quarterly basis. Let art be art and as always, that remains to be


Battle Bidaman

Last Aug. 1 2015, we participated in an event aptly entitled:
Complete with raffles,
Art Galleries,
Band Performances,
and various other activities fit for the young and the old.

We also got to sell some of our books,
meet a couple of friends,

then ultimately meeting our childhood hero, Sir Berlin Manalaysay!!
(Entire fangasm account as documented here: http://silentsanctummanga.blogspot.com/2015/08/my-combat-face-meeting-mr-combatron.html)

Random crowd and scenery shots:
Thank you, Sir Kit!
And that's the entire event in just a couple of snaps.
See you again next week for