Altered State Of Undress

Our personal picks (not their actual costume names...obviously!):
Ninja Bison.
Underboob Laura.
Club Scene Karin.
Soccer Player Necalli.
Spandex Mika.
Cop Attire Chun-Li.
Cammy's Jak 2 Renegade Look.

Slightly disappointed with:
Cammy's robe/skirt ensemble.
Chun-Li's braids for the SFIV attire.

I don't know what the fuck happened with:
Phantom Of The Opera Vega.
Iron Curtain Zangief.
Casual attire Rashid.
Dhalsim and his dick cloth.
Shadaloo Birdie.

Fashion Statement

That 200lander is so hot right now!


Mugatu Believe In Magic

But why male models???
Here's why!

Best reasons to watch this film:
And above all else, do it in loving memory of the Bowmeister!