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Happy 30th Anniversary Castlevania!!!!
Pardon the late celebration but we were strongly advised not to post this before Sept.26 hence, well....THIS!
Done for Operation Akumajo's celebration of everyone's favorite action-adventure game for the ye olde NES/SNES consoles.


Subway Tripp'n

Future clothing trends as predicted by Batman Beyond!

Serious Osmena

As promised in our previous entry:

PWR would be back and now staged at a more ACADEMICALLY acceptable venue.
It being the IAcademy Auditorium.
Let's kick off our entry with the first and probably the last PWR event we have attended for the year 2016.
Despite our long absence, PWR had more than consistently made their presence felt at various other venues such as at Shaw Boulevard,
and more recently at APCC (Asia Pop Comic-Con).
They had also staged numerous provincial shows along the way.

We were unfortunate to have not attended the more recent events due to busy and conflicting schedules.

But enough about the bad, now for some wrestling action!
Obviously the seats are much better and air-conditioning is definitely more than your money's worth.
The ring now is an actual wrestling ring!
And the wrestlers do come out to their signature titantron + music.
This was definitely an upgrade from what we were offered at MCS (Makati Cinema Square).
And we start off the night with one of the newer wrestlers and a proud product of PWR Bootcamp, James "Idol" Martinez.
Whom immediately upon arrival surveys the crowd with his: "Open minded ba kayo sa business?" speech.
A "gasgas" (down to death) opening spiel by Networking/ Pyramiding/ High School classmates, etc.
Which was befitting Idol's persona, that of a scheming networking recruiter of his very own stable, aptly named :The Network.

The audience were then introduced to various Idol products & supplement via powerpoint presentation.
Everything was done to a T and much to the delight of the attendees.

The first match of the evening was between The Network and The Los Trabajadores.
Several chops
and stomps later,
the more charismatic group (The Network) proved to be too much for the Trabajadores. And as a result, the first fall of the night was awarded to The Network.
We then take a much deserved breather courtesy of Rederick Mahaba's talkshow.
And the guest of that evening was none other than the champ: Ralph Imbayashi.
All is well up until the interference of the night courtesy of Classical Bryan Leo.
The audience poked fun of his "SPARKLY JACKET".
Which he was quick to defend as to how we could not afford his sparkly jacket.

He then continued to disrespect the champ
and the host of the show.
A match was then called.
But Classical proved too strong for the King Of Shlong Style.
And to add insult to injury, Scarlett then decisively slaps Rederick in the face
then drives him to the turnbuckle then ultimately giving him a stinkface. But much to the delight of the Intimate Warrior.
Bryan Leo the wipes the smile off Rederick's face by delivering precise stomps at the poor host's expense.
Rederick's bad luck seems to continue upon yet another beat down from Idol Martinez and his downlines.
This was then followed up by a match between Ken Warren with Joey Bax as his pseudo "Paul Heyman"
going up against Vintendo.
This is the very first time we'd be able to catch Vintendo in action for he is usually booked for the
pre-shows of the event. Most of his moves were video game inspired "Scorpion's Spear, Ryu's Hadouken,etc."
But were pale in comparison to Warren's Ric Flair-ish tactics.
Backstage/Pre-recorded interviews were also a welcomed addition to PWR events.
It adds drama and storyline and are quite entertaining to watch
This was indeed a nice set-up for the next match between Chris Panzer and Joey Bax.
This match was cut abruptly by the appearance of a wild Sandata.
Whom for whatever reasons, beats the living shit out of Joey Bax. A beating that prompted the paramedics.
A 15-min break soon followed. Accompanied by the usual crowd pleaser :PA-RAFFLE!
The show resumed with a wrestling vignette of yet another new wrestler.
He was unnamed at the time but would later be identified as Maverric "The Machine" Knight.
It was a short and sweet little promo and we sincerely wish to see this wrestler in action.
Based on what we could find, he is currently aligned with The Network.
Hopefully that changes soon for this beast of a man is far too great to be part of a group or any stable for that matter.

The event resumed with a scheduled match between the teams of JDL+Mark D Manalo vs. the Royal Flush's very own John Sebastian+Main Maxx.
JDL+Manalo contested for a DQ offence against their competitors.
The match was then restarted by PWR's General Manager: Mr. Sy.
This then gave JDL+Manalo their much deserved victory.

On to the main event of the night between Bombay Suarez and Peter Versoza.
But before which, an ambush interview was conducted.
This interview would later on be hijacked by Versoza.
Setting up the much needed fuel for the flame.
This would eventually be the last image caught by our cameras before suffering it's career ending "Lens Error" warning.
A common design flaw amongst Nikon Digital Cameras.
Apparently it was not built for sports/live events/concerts for zooming in repeatedly could prove
damaging to the camera's lifespan.

Anyways, sad camera news aside.
(gif courtesy of http://ilovewrestlinggifs.tumblr.com/post/15674623346/chris-jericho-crying)

Suarez picked up the win and as Versoza recovered from the onslaught, he was then interviewed again by Crystal. Being the jerk that he is, he gave Crystal a pedigree (no the "ACTUAL" ring name of the move and would later on be edited upon knowledge of the move's name) looking attack. Much to the despise of the crowd. His heat was then combined with the crowd's witty "Jimmy Bondoc" remark.
This vicious attack would later on be a set-up for the very first intergender match at PWR Vendetta.
(Poster as done by Benj Bartolome.)

Thus concluded yet another successful PWR event.
And based on what they are currently promoting, the next event would be entitled:
With a yet pending date and venue but hopefully we would be able to catch it this time around.
So that's about it fight fans, GOOD FIGHT-GOOD NIGHT!