So We've Heard You Don't Know How To Save Pictures From Instagram!

This is yet another helpful tutorials for all you non-tech savy folks of the interweb. 

Our previous tutorial on How To Print Screen With Your Laptop:

Instagram : there are a literally GRAMS and GRAMS of interesting photos on the said site. Mostly good and a handful of bad ones and amongst the 30 something bad ones, chances are you'd want to save a particular image. But what to do? Screenshots /Screen grabbing is such a drag and you don't even have the patience to crop most of them. Leaving you with crappy looking photos announcing to everyone as to how much battery you have left and how much of an insomniac you really are. How pathetic! Let's change all that and do things the right way, the SSM! way!

First things first, if you DO have an Instagram account, follow our account over @
And let's be INSTA-BUDDIES

Alrighty then, down to the order of business aaaaand for the sake of clarity: step by step screencaps would be provided as opposed to what we did in the previous tutorial.

1. Stalking/Visiting the page of your favorite IG-er. For this particular tutorial we chose to follow
Ms. Anri Okita's acccount.
She has plenty of really REALLY nice.....pictures and that's very important in a site such as Instagram.
Plus she's an excellent artist,
and that's always a good thing!
And if you're smart, you should probably follow her as well! It's for your own good!

2. Selecting your desired photo.
Let's keep this tutorial classy by choosing the photo that best represents her page:
There it is!
3. Right click then select " View Page Source".
You'd then be directed to a page looking like THIS:
Don't worry, Ric Flair!
We'd help you out. This is a SSM! tutorial after all!
Now that Ric Flair had calmed the fuck down. On to step #
4. Click Edit then Find.

The Find action then prompts a Status Bar at the bottom of the page.
Key in "jpg" then press ENTER.
Scroll up/down to find the first match with the said keyword.
5. Copy the link of the said first match.
6. Paste it on a separate tab. Then PRESTO!
A savable image!
Plenty other photos were saved using this method. The entire process is a bit tedious at first but rest assured that it is all well worth it!
Now a simpler way to bypass all this mess is to check if the said photo had been uploaded elsewhere. Like let's say ....on her Twitter account:
But then again, some photos are an Instagram exclusive so there's always that dilemma.
That's that and you're welcome!
Now, on to the fapcave!

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