SSM! Recommends 7 MORE books for Komikon 2015

Due to insistent public demand (ok,not really! But seriously....)and the influx of plenty more new books available for Komikon 2015, here is yet another list to help you out with your Komikon shopping spree.

Part 1 (just in case you missed out on it and all):


And at # 7. Lilim by Rafael Gumboc

6. Chemic by Aeron Tepace + Sherwin Sablaon
5. Ang Supersibo by Adam David + Mervin Malonzo (Anino Comics)
4. Think Kill by Paul Amiel Salonga
3. Ultramahnigga by Patrick Rawwrr Enrique

2.  Cold Tooth by Julius Villanueva
1. Womenstration by Ellezier Ominoreg

Limited Edition T.A.E s from Tanods.
and also, FREE stuffs from the Polyhedron Comics booth.
That's all of them!
And again...have fun, kiddies!

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