Ball Bearings

Ooh No!
William "Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle III" Moody
 March 5 2013
 LOST but never FORGOTTEN.


Fayed To Black

Just a collection of FAYE VALENTINE cosplayers,
and a few of the
That's WAY-WAY too many YELLOW JACKETS for us to handle.
We might just have to sit this next one out. 
We're telling you, if we had to see yet another living thing in a yellow jacket....OUR HEAD'S ABOUT TO EXPLODE!
Ok, that's THAT!

Green-Minded Bulagaan

Use "NO DOUBT" in a sentence.

by Green Day
Do you have the time?
To listen to me whine.
About nothing and everything all at once?
I am one of those,
melodramatic fools,
neurotic to the bone.

about it!

Stefani Mori

Had recently purchased a book entitled:
And surprisingly enough, it's about...just that!

But seriously, it's a good affordable book about the joys and pains of being GWEN.
Ok...not her, this GWEN!

And seeing that we're self-confessed NO DOUBT fans, we bought the book without
qualms or hesitations.

It had a lot of pretty pictures.Which is always a good thing since we do get bored

Including this one of STEPHEN COLBERT....
We're kidding, of course!
That's his brother, ERIC STEFANI.

And this one, of her getting fingered,
then this other one of her administering the fingering (our favorite picture in the
entire book, by the way!)
Ok...second favorite!
Well, next to this one, atleast!
And we're hoping that this pic isn't SHOPPED or else we'd gonna be sooo pissed!
And a picture of our favorite album,
Some reggae-ey ass shots,
Then she traded all THIS,
for THAT????
To this day...we still couldn't figure out if the L.A.M.B shtick was a GOOD THING or a BAD THING!

Our guess it would help if we read it a little...
L.A.M.B, Maternity, Baby, Marriage...
ok, maybe some other time then!

As an added bonus of reading this far onto our journal.
Here's one of our favoritest NO DOUBT music video from the good ol' days!
Edit : According to some reliable sources (i.e.: da internetz!)
The above-mentioned picture would most definitely not be gwen's first public flashing.
Since this picture had happened eons before her L.A.M.B. days so
KUDOS to you, mysterious PAPPER and the powerful search engine of GOOGLE.
Now, excuse us while we uhmm...go check our e-mails!


Nintendo Power Hour

Just a collection of Nintendo related fanarts.
1. Ganon (Zelda)
Bagu & Error (Zelda)
2. Master Higgins (Adventure Island)
3. Excitebike Guy (Excitebike)
4. TwinBee (TwinBee)
5. King Hippo (Punch-Out)
6. Dr. Albert W. Wily (Megaman/Rockman)
7. Urban Champion Guy (Urban Champion)
8. Lance Bean & Bill Rizer (Contra)
9. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
10. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
11. Starman & Fighter Hayabusa (Pro Wrestling)
12. Marion Delario & Abubo(Double Dragon)