WedN'Thurs Solstice

July 23,2014 (Wednesday)
Technically today's a Thursday but for all you folks living in 'merica and the rest of the western part of
the globe, it's still Wednesday.
Anyhoo, So this is what we've been up to for the past 24 hours of our miserable lives.

This site is finally serving it's ACTUAL purpose of responsible blogging rather than just sharing nudie pics
and videos. A move we that we have been famous for and a move which we would continue to do,
whether you approve of it or not. So go ahead, put that on a pipe and smoke it!

Our tutee phoned in sick around lunchtime hence we left the workplace ASAP.
We're finally free to do whatever the fvck we want for the rest of the afternoon.
But not until we chow down on some creamy Carbonara.
Inspiration struck us at the most inconvenientest of times
so we immediately had to jot it down on one of the most common household item of all time,  
We also made bayad(so konyo a!) our bills (at the Bayad Center, Bayad-Bayad Center=Redundant!) just like any law-abiding citizen of the Philippines should.

Then updated mumscy's bank account @ Chinabank Roosevelt.
Then did this sketch while agonizingly waiting for my bank book.
The rest of the day was spent at SM North Edsa.
Where I chanced upon a comic book with a familiar art style.
Oh yeahhhh!
SSM! alumnus Kirejan Javier is getting his own big break in snazzy Black Ink Comics fashion.
We're truly proud of your note-worthy achievements and here's to wishing for yet more published
books to come in the future. This truly is one for the books and just like in wresting,
we could definitively say that the INDIES do matter. Started at the bottom and now we're here!
True to it's promise of delivering Gaming Humor In PManga Format!
The art style is truly distinct and original.
All of Kirejan's OC's interacts nicely with one another
and all of the jokes are both relatable and sincerely funny for both noobs and experts alike.
Sobrang bumenta sakin tong joke na to, pramis!

Also purchase this other book for research purposes.
And ending up having this insatiable desire to draw a HIP-HOP retelling of this academically accepted epic tale.
Hopefully we'd be able to deliver and hopefully it does happen all within this lifetime.

We also took a swing at drawing Batgirl.
Since I dunno, it's the in thing to do I guess....
So with that in mind, we bid farewell to a rainy Wednesday afternoon. A fun filled
day packed with waiting, waiting while paying, waiting while waiting, comic books and
drawing on papyruses.


I Was A Teenage Ninja

Parkour-parkour now!

Then perhaps we could have some HAHAHRAWRRAHAHA later!

5ive On The Floor

BLTX V is here and now.

The fifth Better Living Through Xeroxography, 
a small press expo, now on its fifth year! 
July 26, Saturday, at Uno Morato!

Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/742713862433974/
Event Posters :
by: Adam David
by: Tilde Acuña
by: Patrick Rawwrr Enrique
by: Nine Iron
by: Dark Chapel (SSM!)
by: D.j. Legaspi
by: Elbert Or
by: B Surge B Surge (Mazingerzine)
by Ched De Gala
by AJ Bernardo
by Rommel "Omeng"  Estanislao
by Dead Balagtas
by Josel Nicolas
by Dean Zuberi Africa