Peach Black : The Chronicles Of Reading

Waw, ambilis a!
At medyo updated!

The event dubbed as the "parang poetry reading pero komiks".
Uno Morato and Chamtamaria proudly presents  
A fun filled night of comic reading, drinking and air conditioning!
A visual orgy and a full-on gang rape of the senses.
An explosion of artistic cum that hits all the right spots and at perfect timing!

Be amazed as we turn Uno Morato into a mini theater.

Ooh at the set-up and aah at the spatial ingenuity.
Complete with purple chickens,

and a highly animated poop!

Dive in to the minds of your favorite komikeros such as,
Apol Sta. Maria,
Watch as he waves goodbye to his apartment,
to Makati,
to the Philippines,
to the world,
and soon enough to the entire universe.
With the help of his technologically advanced and highly superior Moses-like tablet thingamajig from the future...
Welcome to Apol's OUTER'S PACE.
And for P125.00, you could fly first class into this grandiose space epic of  intergalactic proportions.
The quirkiness is still there and that's definitely worth more than a dollar!

Followed immediately by yours truly.
No pictures or videos available, at least that's what we've been told.
Countless manhours were dedicated into this high energy performance and
luckily enough we were able to pull through with the right diet and some
rigorous weight lifting.....OBAMA STYLE!
Watch as the crowd grimace
with bad puns such as
Witness them cringe at the sight of numerous pages of our so-so art.
Our hopes and dreams of ever becoming a stand-up comedian just went straight out the window.
But luckily enough our sorry asses were saved by our surprise tag partner of the night, Noel Pascual of Kowtow Komiks.
Watch him hoot and holler as he act out some of the now iconic scenes/dialogues from CFCCA's #2-3.

Next up on the chopping block was Josel Nicolas and his coming of age autobio,
A book filled with emotions, cursing, getting high and even more
emotions that is sure to satisfy the angsty teenager that still resides
in all of us.
Totally powerful and riveting stuff!
TIME Magazine and The Washington Post were both riveted out of their highfalutin horses
and were simply left in awe.This book was also added TWICE to Oprah's Book Club.
For Realsies!

And last but not the least was our good friend ROB.
Who not only stole the show but also robbed(pun intended!) everyone's heart along with it.
Charming the crowd without robbing(ohgoodlord!)
people the wrong way.
It strikes a chord and fingers through the heart strings of the masses.
Kind of like a Nelson Mandela speech.....only wittier!
 And just like that, we just concluded the first part of the show.
Stay tuned for more readings after a few words from our sponsors....
Welcome to the second part of the show!
Complete with performance art courtesy of MARCUS, APOL and ROB.
A second round of Noel's rugged manliness in THE FRIENDZONE.
And with us capping the night's performance and hopefully sending everyone home happy/relaxed

as they face the challenges of a lazy sunday morning
and the daily grind of the week ahead of them.
And with that in mind, we also bid 1M a fond farewell.
With a more than promising plan to return next week for the incomparable and always fun, BLTX!
P.S.: And if by any chance that today happens to be your birthday.
HEY, happy birthday to ya!
And please accept our kinda disturbing Katy Perry video as accompanied by our sincerest salutations.

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