5ive On The Floor

BLTX V is here and now.

The fifth Better Living Through Xeroxography, 
a small press expo, now on its fifth year! 
July 26, Saturday, at Uno Morato!

Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/742713862433974/
Event Posters :
by: Adam David
by: Tilde Acuña
by: Patrick Rawwrr Enrique
by: Nine Iron
by: Dark Chapel (SSM!)
by: D.j. Legaspi
by: Elbert Or
by: B Surge B Surge (Mazingerzine)
by Ched De Gala
by AJ Bernardo
by Rommel "Omeng"  Estanislao
by Dead Balagtas
by Josel Nicolas
by Dean Zuberi Africa

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