How Do I Love SSM!?


1. SSM! Character Cagematch

2. Tennis Of The Dead

3. Kaptain Bomba's Grandkid!!!GIRLY BOMBA!

4. brand new character : MOGWAI!

Plenty more things are soon to come.
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Silent Sanctum Manga Family Values

The Holy Quartet!

The heart and soul of SILENT SANCTUM MANGA are the 4 core founding members of the team.
And although YUI OOKAMI had left the team some long long years ago, the team still
honors her existance as a valuable and integral part of the group.
And even in her absences,no SILENT SANCTUM MANGA FAMILY ART is complete without her
avatar adorning the piece.
With that being said it had roughly been a year since the last SSM! Family art.
The very last piece was dated
FEBRUARY 23,2010.
SSM! Assemble!!!!

FEBRUARY 26,2010.
The VERY rare occassion that DARK CHAPEL actually signs his works!

Time to step up and create some magical kodak moments that only the SSM! Family
can deliver!
So here goes
JAN.25,2011's SSM! Family Art,


Ride The Thunder

!!!!Silent Sanctum Manga Promotes Aspiring Indie Artistses!!!!

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Here's a former SSM! Customer and now a KICK-ASS ARTIST for their own team
The name is SNAKE,and he's the amazing artist of  GENIE POP!
A smart and entertaining piece with lively characters and elements reminscent of old school hentai. Loaded with ECCHI and adult situations that is sure to make any guy very HAPPY,if you know what I mean?

Don't belive us,
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A collection of all the SILENT SANCTUM MANGA videos.
Shot entirely using a NOKIA 3120 Classic( Wow pluggings! )
Now sitback,relax and don't forget to turn off the sound.
( coz the clicking sound could get preeeeetty annoying after a while. )

Kaptain Bomba Appreciated

Here's a toast to the only person that appreciated KAPTAIN BOMBA eversince the day that
the celebration kicked off.(Kaptain Bomba Appreciation Month,Jan.10,2011)

Our good friend,


Thanks, my man!
Check out his online gallery for more wicked pieces!
They're sure to ROCK your SOCKS OFFFFF!
Phobos-Romulus On Deviant Art

Hoot For Hooters!

Owkay...we're basically not the BEST people to talk about this topic but atleast we're open enough to talk about it.Coz we're guy...but more importantly BREAST CANCER is serious business!

This is something I did some long time ago.
And here are the accompanying explanations to the piece!

1.Headless, The reason why the woman's face was cut in half is to express the
sympathy to the countless woman who had suffered and even died from this sickness.

2.Yellow to us is a jubillant color due to it's warm nature.
It also express our hopefulness about finding a cure for it.

3.Pink Ribbon, well we only wrap things that are of importance...and why pink??
Because it's feminine..and it's the official symbol for it nonetheless.
A pink ribbon is worn to recognize the struggle that
sufferers face when battling the cancer.

4.Blue Bra and Panty...well this is suppose to be a nude piece but.
We don't wanna make this look like a perverted piece,that's why we opted for the bikini.We placed it there
so that young boys and girls would be made aware of it as well.

5.Black Hair,because it's sexy.And notice how it's semi-wet..EVEN SEXIER!

Guys love boobies!
There's no point denying that.
It something deeply rooted to our DNA,since childbirth up untill the day we die...
So imagine a world without them...that would've been a faith worst that death!
People might doubt our sincerity about doing this piece but we'll just leave that
to the skeptics.We did what we can,whichever way we can.
And for the ladies that doesn't know how to examine themselves.
We'll just let MISS OLIVIA MUNN do the talking!


What Fuels Silent Sanctum Manga?

Lots and lost of hormones!
Mostly horny ones!!!
Click on the video to see for yourself!
This is the allowed TV Version of it.
Sans the MAN DONG and a couple more stuff they did on the g4 site!
Here you go....


Sizzurp Sipping Translations!


!hakuna matata!

Silent Sanctum Manga
 has all the cure for all your
FAR EASTERN maladies!

Enter this link right here!
Like A G-Huwhat?

Life's A Beach!

Pretty self explanatory I guess....


Kaptain Bomba Appreciation & Awareness Month!

January 2011
is a self proclaimed holiday under the SILENT SANCTUM MANGA regime.
T'would also be fair to celebrate our very own:


Enrich your KAPTAIN BOMBA knowledge by purchasing:

Read up and be entertained.Don't be a KAPTAIN BOMBA buffon,
be a KAPTAIN BOMBA smarty pants!
Buy your copies @ SPUTNIK COMICS ( CUBAO)


Bigger Bang Theorem : KAPTAIN BOMBA Declassified

What better way to start the NEW YEAR 2011 than with a BANG!
And no,we're not talking about that annoying TV HOST/JUDGE/COMEDIAN? on ABS!
We're talking about BOMBAS...KAPTAIN BOMBAS that is!

Yehesss..today's character profile will center on SILENT SANCTUM MANGA'S very own
shell-headed superhero.Kaptain Bomba or KB.First appeared on SILENT SANCTUM MANGA DOS

Designed and created by DARK CHAPEL after attending U.P.'s PASKO NG KOMIKS,
A small symposium/gathering/forum of veteran and aspiring artistses.
It is at Claro M. Recto Hall, UP Faculty Center where Dark Chapel would learn the
importance of creating superhero type characters and the social and financial
benefits involved with it later on.

On an earlier sketch of Kaptain Bomba, he was slated to appear as a pun of JAMES BOND (james bomb!Yes, pretty lame,WE KNOW!)

It's not me,it's YOU...YOUTUBE!

The idea was scrapped as soon as THIS more updated sketch came out.
A more "HEROIC" version of the Kaptain would later surface but the design was a little
bit too dark for a hero and the Kaptain looked more like a villain at this point in time.

KAPTAIN BOMBA or ANTONIO STORK was a clumsy company messenger. A job in which he would get fired and walk the walk of shame on his way home. Along the lines, his bad luck would be at an all time high when he would get smashed by a carrening meteor. A meteor containing a slab of stone.The stone that would later turn him from the wimpy messenger to the extremely buff hero KAPTAIN BOMBA. On a constant basis the Kaptain was the prime example of heroism in STAR CITY as he is in constant battles with law offenders and the casual lizard monsters and various villainous plots by the ever scheming DR. AKARI.

For those who aren't in the know and couldn't catch a hint.
KAPTAIN BOMBA was (of course) heavily inspired by MARVEL's very own THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.
And Dark Chapel's version was a tribute to the JACK "THE KING" KIRBY's cartoon version of
IRON MAN and parody theathrics by DEXTER'S LAB'S : THE JUSTICE FRIENDS.
And since the movie version of the said comics adaptation was released within the same year.
the poor Kaptain's original color scheme(RED+YELLOW=IRON MAN-ish colors) was changed in order
to distance itself and to lessen the cause of unessecarry confusion with the two characters.

Mellow Yellow!
Only the chest part retained the said YELLOW color scheme while the rest of the body
went from being gray or for a lack of a better color scheme,it was left white.Chapel would later on opted for a more SPIDERMAN-ish color but the said color combination was a little too dark for the
character. A more CAPTAIN PLANET-ey color theory was put into works and the rest shall we say was
From one CAPTAIN
to another KAPTAIN

Palette Swapped Bombas

The Kaptain Bomba's series would later on come out alternately with THE MISSEDADVENTURES
OF BUNNY-PON(or just BUNNY-PON).The second issue would later on appear on

Now a new villian was introduced.
Still within the confines of spoofing famous characters.Two other SPIDER-MAN
villians would be put in to play.


Kaptain Bomba would have a short appearance on SILENT SANCTUM MANGA 5's SUPPLEMENT ISSUE.Wherein he could be seen singing with PHIL VIRGIN.This marks as the very first time
Kaptain Bomba would appear in a scene other than his series and in an appearance in "the king"'s signature style.

Kaptain Bomba would later on appear on the cover of SILENT SANCTUM MANGA 5.5 alongside with
two other characters(ONI NADEGIRI & BUNNY-PON) or more cleverly known as TEAM CHAPEL.
Where in a more humorous and less gallant version of the Kaptain was showcased.

Within the line of superhero-dom, another superhero was introduced within the said issue. It would be none other than the very famous, ANGRY MAN by "the king" Kaptain Bomba would once again appear(on the cover and on his series) of SILENT 

Silent Sanctum Manga's latest offering.Where major changes would be made since this marked
as the very first issue that the kaptain bomba series would appear in 2 pages as to the
standardized one pagers as set in kaptain's earlier komiks.Here we see the epic battle
between a mutated PROF.MOLDEX and KAPTAIN BOMBA.A series so big it had to be seperated onto
two parts.Part 2 would come out on SILENT SANCTUM MANGA OTSO.

Kaptain Bomba would later on appear on numerous pixel drawings.

And enjoy his stay on the world wide web.
Kaptain Bomba would later on be RE-INVENTED,RE-PAINTED and RE-MODELED.
Plenty more titles are in the works and alternate universes are said to surface
within the year. Among the titles on the works are
My Bomba Senses Are Tengaling!




It truly has it's benefit being HARD HEADED,well for starters,
you get to star in your own komik book.
Act all foolish and stuff,and do a collaboration with the man "FREELY ABRIGO"
It's a HIF-HOF rap battle,yo!

Life certainly has been good for the KAPTAIN.And we are bound to see more
of him in the weeks and months to come.
So raise those shell heads and fire away.