The Altered Room

Nope, wrong LISA.
But close enough!

Killing Me Swiftly

And if you enjoyed THAT,
there are actually 20 more record-breaking, hadouken firing Ryus just itching for
a piece of the SWIFTSTER!
And just for making that joke alone , I guess there's a fine place for me in hell as well.
Oh, goodie-goodie!
Well, hello ladies....
or shall I say, fellow future hell roomies!

Le Tour De Frends

Go to EAST,
Go to WEST,
SSM! is the BEST!

CONFIRMED provincial tours:
* confirmed dahil gumawa na kami ng poster.
at nandun din naman kami last year,
and hopefully, THIS one as well.
Oh pamasahe, maawa ka sana samin!
Or better yet, fine folks of both BAGUIO & LOS BANOS, tulungan niyo po kami.
Pang-uwi lang po uli ng Maynila.

Within the horizon:
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