Rocky v.s. Raging Bull

It's funny because they both played underdog boxers and both were at their prime when their stellar movie came out. And it was all good...

Well maybe not for Rocky ( Stallone). Because I've already stopped watching right after the IVAN DRAGO one.
And have pretty much lost count as to how many ROCKY movies were made after that.

This could also eerily be a PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ scenario. So as far as accuracy goes, this one's definitely way up there!

And now let's examine the TALES OF THE TAPE.
Or ....
we'd rather let YOU (our fine readers) to do the examining....since we're uhm-ah.....LAZY!
That's that and now,
P.S.: Whachutalkinabout that this movie being released last year?
Well yeah, I guess...
Why, would rather watch THIS instead?

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