Strip Trip Fantasia

Silent Sanctum Manga attended the annual KOMIKSTRIP convention held
In cooperation with UP BUGKOS and JONASDIEGO.COM.
Held at the CAS ANNEX 2 building.
We arrived on time,thanks primarilly to MACOY'S REVO!
The event started around in the afternoons.
A short power interruption wouldn't deter the spirits of the attendees and SURELY enough
shortly after the opening ceremonies were conducted ,electricity would come back and literally POWER the said event.
Upon entering,the crowd would immediately be greeted by rows and rows of FUNNY KOMIKS and CULTURE CRASHES.
Posters,covers,and other sample works from the old masters are also on display.
At the first room where the event proper would be held,
a long queue of MANIX fans is most definitely a sight to be seen.
On our side of the story,we were able to sell 4 out of 8 copies.
And 5 party masks (courtesy of macoy's wife : CHERRY)
The very first purchase of the day would come from KUYA JON ZAMAR.
This was also before the event had even started so...BUENA MANO!
We even met RAIPO.
A long time INDIE KOMPLEX and FACEBOOK pal!
*No event photo available* 
And...we're FINALLY been lucky enough to meet NICKO PATINO,
one of our SPUTNIK customer.
*Please pardon the picture,if he looks like a deer on headlights*
Around 3-ish,NO NEW SOULS were coming in so vendors and artists alike spent most
of the day chit-chatting about the events that had happenend.
Around the same time I was also being DINO-SCHOOLED by macoy's son : JOSE ERIC.
He really did broadened out my horizons in life and changed my perception on how
" PUWEDE NA! " is never enough!I admire his conviction and how he convinces you to do things is totally scary.This kid has some mad skills!
Ayoko na...huhuhu MERCY!
We also saw Sir Danny Acuna doing what he does best!
Later on we met the prettiest marshall ever..ANDA.
Yeah...i totally subscribe to the whole "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" theory...
She asked me to sign her shirt and it was a lotta fun....well atleast for ME!

There were a total of three cosplayers in the said event.
The one with the red face
TRESE kambals
Tinay Pinay
*no picture available*
Our last purchase would come from a sweet yet feisty lady named : MARIVE.
Whom is an awesome artist herself.
And since we're very uncooperative towards being photographed,
she decided to feed us a dose of our own medicine!
This pic really made our day!Thanks TEPAI!
The event ended around 5pm.
Komikstrip organizers was gracious enough to feed us not once, but TWICE!
In my entire 4 year career, never have I felt such genuine care and concern from an event organizer.
BOSTON WALK was really worth the WALK.
And they never failed to thank us and remind us that our efforts were appreciated.
Thank You KOMIKSTRIP 2011!
Sa uulitin!
Is it just me or isn't this OVERLOADING?
On our way home we tested the limits of macoy's car by carpooling twice as many artists
as before.Macoy was accomodating enough to let us buy some PASALUBONGS and
the occasional stop overs to empty our bladders.
HURRAY,and life was good!

We bid farewell @ SHANG-RILA.
And with a promise of meeting again....we part ways.
Thanks ulit you guys, SEE YOU SOON!


Sectionally Regionals

This is our product lineup for KOMIKS TRIP 2011.
1 pc. *FOR KIDS ONLY ISSUE*P205 for the whole set.
With all curse word and sexual references,censored!
3 pcs. Silent Sanctum Manga No.5B
P60 each.

2 pcs. Silent Sanctum Manga No. 5.5
P50 each.

3 pcs/ Silent Sanctum Manga No. 6
P55 each.
Available variants:
Juana B.(Xmas)
Santa's Little Oni (Xmas)
Zombie-Pon (Halloween)

This is the FINAL RUN.
And your LAST CHANCE to avail them.
We won't be reprinting them any time soon so be sure to grab yourself a copy on the 19th!

Apol The APPS

Anyone interested in making the first ever SILENT SANCTUM MANGA RPG?
Any takers??Prospective Game Developers??Anyone??
Give us a shoutout at any of the following addresses:
  • 09196050009(Mobile)

  • silent_sanctum@yahoo.com


Screen Names
  • darkchapel666(Yahoo! Messenger)
  • silent_sanctum(Yahoo! Messenger)


We have PLENTY of brilliant ideas!
Maybe an RPG is too dreamy.Even FACEBOOK-ey type games would do.
Farmville-ey stuff or probably anything that resembles old NES games would do.
We can't promise to pay you guys anything big.
But we can promise IMMORTALITY...and that's definitely something worth more than

Please use the following as a reference as to how we wanted it to look:
Any games from the NES to the SUPER NES,SEGA GENESIS era would do.
We're not going for 3D,REALISM kind of games.Good ol' Arcade Type games would do.
Please use http://www.y8.com/ as a alternative research material in case of mental block.

MIC option *optional*

And as much as possible please include the ever popular KONAMI CODE for easy acess!
We can only pay your services once it gets picked up by influential people or something...
either way.We promise to compensate you only after we actually earn SOMETHING.
You scratch our back.
We scratch your back.....just like MONKEYS!!!

Koko B. Ware Of Pixers


This is a CALL TO ARMS to all of the GREATEST,the BEST and the BRIGHTEST indie artists
that this planet has seen.


This is how it is SUPPOSE to look like..only in KOMIKS form!

This is how to join:

1.*Pay us money!

2.Email us how your character looks like thru silent_sanctum@yahoo.com

Include the following:

a.Entrance Stance
b.Super Moves
c.Way how he/she would be eliminated

3.Let us work on the piece.

4.Wait for announcements to be made on:


5.Enjoy the fruit of our labor!

6. Avail a hard copy once you see us on CONVENTIONS,GATHERINGS and similar activities.

7.Enjoy it once more!

*Your number in  the tournament would be decided on a FIRST CUM...este COME,FIRST SERVE  basis.

How much you pay us will determine how long your character
will stay in the royal ramble.

SSM! Characters would be thrown in the fray but will most likely never win.
The highest bidder is most likely to win the ramble.
The match commentaries would be made by CHINO TRINIDAD and QUINITO HENSON.(joke!)
And the event would be held at the newly "constructed"(ie:drawn)


Yeah, we figured out that this is a more dignified way of asking people for money.
Coz quite frankly...WE REALLY NEED THE MONEY.
And this is a pretty creative way to mix both BUSINESS and PLEASURE!
So it's a WIN-WIN situation nevertheless.

Every issue would have like a minimum of 10 participants.
(20 kung swe-swertehin)
And everyone is more than welcome to advertise for FREE.*
*the size of the ad would be determine by the size of the MOOLAH!


WE all know that SILENT SANCTUM MANGA is the best at what it does.
But everyone knows that even the greatest have had to start somewhere.
"FIRST TIMES" are always riddled with obscurity and awkwardness.
So this collection ain't no exception to the rule.

So gather around ,kiddies!

A Retrospective look at Silent Sanctum Manga starts right now!
FIRST ever SSM! Family Art
FIRST ever SSM! Painting (College Years)
FIRST ever SSM! Painting (Unemployed Years)
the very FIRST issue of SSM!
first ever SSM! Draft
First ever SSM! Dummy
First ever Editorial Art
First ever SSM Yahoo!Groups Invitation
First ever SSM! Diorama Dolls
First ever SSM! Webcomic
First ever SSM! Private Webcomic(Gift)
First ever SSM! Photo of LOLO DEADHEAD(Dead)
First ever SSM! Photo of LOLO DEADHEAD (Alive)
FIRST ever SSM! Family Art Drawn By Someone Else(JICO) Then Colored By US In PHOTOSHOP.
One of the two SSM!'s Huge Ass Poster
FIRST ever SSM! iPhone App.(joke lang!)
FIRST ever "YOU GOT THE NAME OF OUR GROUP WRONG" category(There pretty much are a string of
them over the years,this were the only one we were lucky enough to photograph)

the very FIRST (and probably the LAST) time SSM! appeared on MOG TV(In Split Seconds)!
First ever SSM! Interview (Written)
First ever SSM! Interview (Video)
the very first event attended by SSM! as SSM! (redundant!)
First ever SSM! Krossover
First ever SSM! Ads
the very first time SSM! was mentioned(and drawn) in a blog entry (Thanks MACOY!)
First ever SSM! Eulogy
And that's about ..eet!