Gray Area In The Grey Matter

As promised on the last entry. Here are indeed some of the preview images from our 2 FCBD shindig.
From Marvel Secrte Wars Previews:
From Defend Comics:

And then there were these books bought from Starmall's Japan Selections:
 With interior images looking like these:
Very Tonio Macion-ish!
Very Carlorozy-ish!

But the TOP PICK from that purchase was the Lone Wolf And Cub manga. Which was extra thick by the way. Action packed with images like these:
And intimate scenes like these:
Much to the shock and horror of the very clumsy yet lovable, Daigoro!

Other worthy purchases from the same store:
This Asuraman toy with some bitch'n ass sculpt!
These Ultramens:
These busty mens:
These CDs:
Nothing wrong with the Fighters Megamix CD, other than it containing some of the weirdest character designs like:
lol whut???
You're seriously gonna call your character SANMAN when she's clearly a SanWO-man?
Oh SEGA, you and your ambiguously gendered characters. Well, good luck with that!

We were actually duped with the Tobal CD not containing the actual game itself.
Too bad because with a roster looking like THIS:
We were actually looking forward to playing as OLIEMS!
But luckily enough, the cd spine, authentication cards, manual and the Square preview game were still left intact.
So that's still something, I guess?

Speaking of something, here's SOMETHING from Pampanga!
Looks innocent enough, right????
Just some babe enjoying the summer sun....
 Go on....

And now, on to some BOOKSALE stuff:
From Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja:
so judgemental....but still kinda caring!
That and Dustin Nguyen's Lil Gotham is the shiznits!
 with random colored moments like THESE:
I mean, just look at all those sick ass colors, dope illustrations and engaging
plot twist. That's good of a reason enough for you to pick up this title.
Luckily we did hence we could make this really unbiased recommendation.

And oh yeah, Batman Beyond cds!
Because you definitely can't go wrong with those!
That's it, that's everything!

Jump On The Tiger

Hello there, fine folks of the interwebs!
It definitely had been a while since our last update/entry.
But rest assured that this site is still some what active and here are a few OTHER websites bearing our
good and very trustworthy (not really) name:

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Now on with the show.

The 1st Filipino Komiks Market
Element Centris, EDSA Cor. Quezon Ave., Q.C.
April 5,2015
(Easter Sunday)
10am - 8 pm

Christ has risen, now it's time to testify and buy/sell some motherfuck'n comic books!
And how appropriate because the place kinda resembles a church!

And oh, can't have an event without tarps....
Now,on to various visitors to our booth. Some friends and some customers.
All equally as sweet as pecan pie!

Sweet freebies from the event:
Thanks newlyweds: Ails + Omeng!
Also met a few Kuyugun-Z Fight fans! (Katas ng Reading Comics, thanks Chamtamaria!)
Marvy Uchica marker pens
from well...the MARVY UCHIDA booth!
Or from Paolo Herras to be exact! Either way, it's all good!
and of course, free Drumsticks courtesy of Nestle.

And now, time for some
Art Gallery:
Sheena art courtesy of Sheena.
Carlorozy art courtesy of Carlorozy.
Dark Chapel art courtesy of Dark Chapel.
And now, time for some obligatory crowd shots:
After selling a more than decent amount of books, it's time to go home.
The parting gifts were very lovely and how fitting it's SUMMERTIME in the city!
Our Komiket haul:
We're sorry! It isn't much to look at but at least we tried.

Free Comic Book Day 2015.
May 2,2015
Comic Odyssey (Dafort, Taguig) and Filbar's Megamall (Ortigas)

For a list of our FCBD recommendations, feel free to click on the link below:

We arrived considerably early even if we really didn't have a booth.
And lo' behold the queues and queues of people wanting to score some free comic books.
Some fans and some opportunists.
But then again, we're not here to judge for we are no Arishem.

After some twist and turns, we've finally arrived at our destination.
The line was only half of the battle for the final boss resides at the top floor.
Let the FCBD-ing begin!!!!
Again, as we've mentioned earlier. We really didn't have a booth.
Because that's what happens when you have nothing to release that year, you don't get squat.
That's what happens, man! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS!
But luckily enough, we do have some friends(Imagine that!) that had SOMETHING
to release that year and that's good of a reason enough for us to make "Tambay-tambay" at their booth and hopefully find refuge from the scorch'n hot weather that Manila summer had to offer.
Hurray for Nepotism!
Kidding aside, we are more than pleased to have signed a few FCBD Samplers while manning the Anino Comics booth.
And we even sold the Big Barda artwork we sketched earlier that morning. Thanks Benj!

That feeling of respect and high sense of belongingness  is a sensation that is second to none.
So thank you, fine folks of FCBD. And more importantly,thank you Sir Sandy.
Then all of a sudden, RANDOM CROWD SHOTS!
And oh, congratulations to the incomparable and very deserving Sir Francisco Coching!

Much love and respect from your loyal admirers at SSM!.

As my Anino bros. started to occupy the reserved seats.

The more logical order of action was to leave.
And gracefully leave we shall.
Believe it or not, this was our first even in YEARS that we were able to arrive-get free swags-leave.
Normally we'd have to arrive late-set-up our booth-endure hunger-sell-endure a full bladder--sell some more-tolerate weird customers-finish the event-leave.
See how many more steps were added to the routine once we switch those roles up. That's what happens,man! That's what happens!

Photos of the day:

As we've mentioned earlier, this event took place during the summer. And as expected it does get a bit humid from time to time. With bottlenecks in some areas...

and really spacious corners towards the end of the room.
But nothing like a few trips to the event's air dispensing drones couldn't fix!
Ahhh, refreshing!
Now, where were we?
Oh right, leaving the event but not without taking some detours to the Comic Odyssey shop directly downstairs from the event. Dahil mga comic fans talaga kami at hindi kagaya niyong mga p*******-**ng posers kayo!!! Ok, kalma....
At P100 per book,
it's a definitive steal for both comic fans and collectors alike.
Our CO Haul:
Oh sweet, The Mask #1! Bruce Timm Cover!
We actually do have #5 as well, but we were unable to find it in time for this documentation.
And lookie-lookie!
Jack Kirby's NEW GODS!
And what's this, The Visprint Exhibition Area?
What a nice day to be a comic book fan!
The rest of the afternoon was originally planned to be a movie night with the rest of the SSM! Crew. The film of choice was of course, Avengers :Age Of Ultron. But quick twist and turns later on, we ended up lining up for yet another FCBD line and the rest as they say was history.

We saw our movie, got our new books and everything was dandy!

Our entire FCBD Haul:
Loled at that Iron Fist party mask but hey, this had been surviving Komiket/FCBD,the SSM! style!
Join us again soon as we preview some of the more Epic/WTF? moments from our hauls.
That's that, friend-os!