SSM! Recommends these 5 books for FCBD 2015

Two more days until Free Comic Book Day 2015.

Event Page (Philippines):

So here are our Top 5, again these are our picks and not yours.
So feel free to bitch and complain about it on your own time/website.
With that being said, here we go!

1. Bob's Burgers.
PDF Preview link:

Why: Because Tina's in it!
And the voice of Archer compels you to do it!
2. Avatar The Last Airbender.
Oh good god, no!
Please stop....
There you go!
PDF Preview link:
Why : It's fuck'n Avatar, who doesn't like that?
That and it also features Pop Cap's PvZ
3. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
PDF Preview Link:

Why: Who the hell backs down from a free Jojo's Bizarre book?
It's a Hirohiko Araki masterpiece.
That and it also contain some classic Yu-Gi-Oh pages in it.
Just like a Shonen Jump manga, sans the cards....
Oh, thanks Obama!
4. Comics Festival.
PDF Preview Link:
Why: Kate Beaton's in it. It's as simple as that!

5. Super Mutant Magic Academy
PDF Preview Link:
Why: Same reasons as number 4. It also comes packaged with yet another book entitled
Step Aside Pops by Kate Beaton.
And there you go!
Those were our 5 books for FCBD 2015.

Ano yun, dalawa pa?
Para parang seven dragon balls yung dating....

6. Steampunk Goldilocks.
PDF Preview Link:
Why: It's a Rod Espinosa book!
Yah, for reals!

7. Defend Comics.
PDF Preview Link:
Why: Because our freebie got stolen last year. That freebie which happens to include this book right here.
Random thief's gonna have blood and teeth for breakfast if he/she plans to steal from us again!

And that's about it. Kuya/Uncle/Lolo(???huwag naman!) Chapel wishes everyone a happy FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and live from BGC, Taguig,
It's Saturday Night Live!

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