Your SSM! Checklist (2007-2015 Edition)

SSM's Fake ID + Salawikain would rank as the eight SSM! related gimmick/merchandise that we had ever produce/sold at conventions and similar gatherings ever since we started out back in 2007.

With SSM! Pinheadz coming in at number 1.
SSM! Cut-Out Toys at number 3.(SSM! #6)
These ultra rare bookmarks (that we couldn't find as we type this entry ) at number 4(SSM! Jet Komiks)

Dead Bestfriends Stickers at number 6. (Punchpunk/Punkpunch)
And the Bodyshot Stickers at number 7.(SSM! The Bodyshots)
Our personal picks/ faves includes the following :

So is your SSM! Collection legendary?
How many of these things do you own and quite frankly, do you even give a fuck?
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