Bring Home The Kevin Bikon

It's that time of the month again....
and no, not our period/birthday.
It's time!
It's time!

So put on your favorite red suit and cut loose,
Or else, we'd kick off your Sunday shoes.
And you wouldn't want that to happen now, would you?
But seriously, Elbikon is (or was) here and now!
And if you're a regular on this site, you'd know by now as to how much fun we had the first time around.
If not then, let us refresh your memory.
*Cue the wavy lines then fade to black gif*

An event that took place last Feb.14. Yep, smoochapalooza, loving-loving central, commercialized man-made holiday, that Feb.14! Bitter single rants aside, we had a change of venue for this year.
Taking place at Baker Memorial Hall.
And that's a picture of Scott Hall by the way....(and no, it has nothing to do with the venue.)
Just conveniently at the back of last year's venue and a couple of "tamblings" away from the fair grounds.
An equally strategic and appropriate venue to hold such event.
Still spacious and quite comfortable nonetheless.

In fact, it heavily reminds of U.P. Diliman's Bahay Ng Alumni.
Di ba-di ba?

We arrived considerably early thus we did have a lot of time to decorate and
pimp our table.


we are most certainly not

but this was a humble effort on our part so what the hey!

Some good things do never change!
Consistent with what was graciously and wholeheartedly offered to us last year, food and overall hospitality were still second to none.

As we've jokingly mentioned before(here's a link of it, just in case you missed it:
 their kindness is that of a million saints and touching enough to make you wanna cry manly tears of joy.
It's the kind that restores your faith in humanity and makes you wanna do good deeds like I dunno:
Helping an old lady cross the street.
Participating in a hug party.
Cleaning your room.
Punching someone in the face.
Administering free breast exams.
Offering someone a NOVENA.
Elbowdropping on Hulk Hogan.
or doing just about everything listed here.

Jokes aside, the first speaker was of course, Tony Tuason of Flipgeeks.
Teaching us about about the importance of online etiquette and correct ways to promote your works.
Each talks were then partnered with a Q & A segments as to encourage crowd participation and to know both the personalities and their works even further.
Unfortunately, we were unable to snap any photos from Sir Jonas Diego's talk.
We were selling one of our books at the time and before we reached the stage area, the talk was all over!
And for that, we're terribly sorry.

Moving right along with the last and the best speaker of that day, it's Tonio Macion of Fhate Comics.
 Random pics from the event:
Busy si Josel.....
Friends of SSM! namely:
Benj of Happy Lockjaw.
The Cabinet.
Mark Navarro.
Carlorozy & Zel.
Liga Ni Likeman.
Humble visitors/ customers to our booth, namely:
Si Miss from last year.
Mr. Haruhi Suzumiya.
And last but not the least, 
it's Benj.
Then we get an awarding ceremony honoring all of the great speakers and contest winners for that afternoon.
The event officially ended with an enchanting song number by Captain Jack Sparrow.
YES, that Jack Sparrow!
And it was fuck'n awesome!
Unfortunately it was a bit unexpected and similar to what happened earlier, we were once again unable to rush to the stage and photographic evidence. But it was a good Tagalog song and he genuinely sang it like a boss.

That's our name (in there somewhere)
 proving our legitimacy as exhibitors as opposed to what others might lead you to believe that we are some booth snatching hooligans.
Oh, pardon us! That's just the PTSD kick'n in!

We also received THIS artjam circa 8-7-14.
Mike took a bit longer but considering all the details and the shading he did for this piece. It was an acceptable reason for his tardiness.

We also did an art trade on Yuyu Hakusho characters.
Where in we received this cute chibified version of Shishiwakamaru.
And in return we were supposed to give him THIS three stages of Kuro Momotaro transformation.
But knowing how slow we work on on-the-spot artworks, this was later on turned into a take home assignment.
This was what the final output looked like.
All in all it was a fun filled afternoon amongst komikero friends and Elbikon attendees.
Worth mentioning is that of us finally meeting one of our wrestling bretheren, Ram Roque.
Yup, that Ram Roque!
And pardon our impromptu review of these two books. Clearly we are not in the position to conduct these reviews but we will just evaluate them as how we see it.

We bought a copy of Kwentong Pogi : Joe Pogi Jr. back in Summer Komikon of some two years ago. It was initially recommended by Benj. And to our surprise, we didn't expect it to be this tightly written and well paced. It wasn't exactly a typical komik book perse it was more like a memoir/autobiographical narrative type. The typical WWE stuff you'd come to expect from let's say...Mick Foley or Chris Jericho. It was believable and an absolute thrill for a wrestling fan such as ourselves.

Maaksyong Komiks was more like the fleshed out komiks counterpart of Kwentong Pogi. Now in exciting sequential panels, with (still and very much) humorous dialogues and memorable special moves. SSM! highly recommends this book and wishes to purchase all of his future works when the opportunity arises instead of receiving free copies like a cheap ass freeloader. Ram Roque is his name and wrestling is his game!
Ohh Yeah!

Oh yeah, parting words!
There was food, artworks, insightful talks, memorable chit-chats with customers/familiar faces like Bret, Apol and most especially Pau.
It was exactly that "pachill-chill lang" ambience that brought me there the first time around and if this keeps up then I think we might have found a new home/event that we could proudly call our own.
Regret: Not bringing an umbrella and missing out on UP Fair due to the unexpected rainfall.
And we could have rode that super scary ferris wheel too, if it weren't for that meddling drizzle!
Video: Just in case you were too old or too young to catch the said reference.

So again, our most sincerest and heartfelt salutations to Jack Baydo and all of the marshals, organizers and sponsors of Elbikon 2015.
Next year ulit!

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