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Oh you didn't know?
just went OLD SCHOOL again.
Well, I can't believe I missed it as well.
Instead of whining like a bitch let's just enjoy some clips, shall we?
So here are some of our commentaries.
Well, no one's older than FLAIR. So he'd definitely epitomize the OLD in old school.
I felt that the Piper's Pit segment was really good. For this would be the only time we'd get to hear Seth Rollins talk and he's actually better than Curtis Axel.
My only complains on the TOO COOL/3MB match is that Rikishi did not don his sumo-esque wrestling gear(Hey, Alexander Rusev can still rock it, Rikishi surely can do as well) and both GRANDMASTER and SCOTTY are a bit too out of shape.
It was fun to see JAKE THE SNAKE, but his appearance was a bit of a lackluster.
I mean, it was a different time and folks aren't so shocked about snakes anymore.
Not unless you're THESE guys....
And quite frankly, THIS was a whole lot more scarier (borderline traumatizing!).
All in all, it was pretty fun. Well not,exactly up to par with THIS.
But yeah, sure! It was pretty decent.

And oh yeah, shit!
I almost forgot...
They'd start airing CHRIS BENOIT matches nowadays.
With them coming out with a new network and all.
This got me all gigiddy like a school girl.
Because I love me some Chris Benoit Matches.
Most especially THIS one in particular!

They'd show an advisory
or something....I dunno.
And quite frankly who cares, the man's finally receiving some due credit that he so rightfully deserves in the first place.

And one more thing, this was what we were referring to when we mentioned new network for the WWE.
Ugh, the logo looks awful but the programming seems pretty promising, observe!
LIKE them at their official FB page:

The bad news is that we still have to wait up until the 24th. But until then we could enjoy these old WWE commercials because watching these things never goes out of style!
And seriously don't know what's the difference between this and their previous WWE 24/7 service since we don't have that here in our country
But guess what, I SERIOUSLY don't care!
Still gonna watch it and still gonna enjoy it.
And if you're not down with that then we got ONE WORD for ya!

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