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It's a lil' late for this but a lil' late is always better than never.
Soooo, this is SSM!'s post event analysis about
KOMIKON BAGUIO 2013 : Sirko Ng Komiks.
Held last Feb.9,2013.
(Yeah, we know! We're like 20++ days behind with this report,we get it already!)
@ the CAP Building, Post Office Loop.
Session Road, Baguio City..baybeh!
Much more ACCURATE and much more INSIGHTFUL  articles, photos, information are readily
available @ their facebook page. Click please!

Now that the serious part is all over, time to review this "MOTHER" like
only the boys from the QBCCC can.
This here is our story, this is...KOMIKON BAGUIO' 13 ABRIDGED!
The morning of FEB.8 was truly a grueling day.
After the sudden inclusion of AJ B.(Substitute for Noel P.), we were
suddenly short of one bus ticket. And since the reservations were pretty much
done in advance, last minute reservations were pretty difficult to almost impossible.
Luckily enough we were able to pull through, thanks to RICKY *wink wink*
& immediate MacGyver-like wits courtesy of AJ.
The evening was nothing short of a miracle.
For I barely made it on time.
Which could also come as a bad thing, since the tickets are with me.
So BOO to me, indeed!
So there you have it folks,
is in the house....er bus to the magical city of STRAWBERRIES,
BARREL MANS, WALIS and *we dare say it* TSONGKEE!

I'm pretty stoked myself. For this would probably the very first time
I'd travel to BAGUIO by myself.
I felt like EUGENE(Yusuke) and the gang while they were on their way to the island.
Y'know....this scene right here!
So, that's about it!
And to cut the bus story even shorter.
Here are a few of the things that had happened / I had noticed
that are worth mentioning.

1. Our bus didn't make any stopovers. Which is a good thing. Since we arrived earlier than expected.
2. The P650.00 fare was well worth it. Reclining chairs, Free biscuits+water, Blanket, An inattentive stewardess & A comfort room that actually works. Complete with ALCOGEL!
3. AJ slept like a dead guy, Josel was too busy sexting someone,I didn't
get much sleep because I was too busy laughing at that one guy
who's about to cough out a lung.
4.Romantic "night club-ish" music to lullaby you to sleep or keep you awake.

We arrived @ Session Road around roughly 6am-ish!
And I wouldn't wanna argue with a friend's warning, that the evenings @ Baguio
were indeed "HELLISHLY COLD".
and guess what...
Sooo, this is kinda NEW.
For a change, I actually arrived on time.
Earlier than the 9am call-time even.
So WOO-HOO to me!
So we had our morning HASH...browns and early morning conversations.
Saw a bear attack survivor.
Then finally figured out(thanks to TRIZHA) that the white stuffs (they're not gray hairs, dandruffs or anthrax, god damn it!) on the tips of my hair were indeed SPLIT ENDS!

And OH! Around 8am-ish, along came a ROBBIE!
Whom would eventually bring us to the venue itself later on.
The venue's kinda spacious. And I actually liked it a lot.
We get to sing our favorite CREED songs in-between the incesant clown/carny music.
We set up our booths like so...
 as promised, VAL VENIS was indeed there with us!
We were situated behind the KOMIKON COMMITTEE's booth,
side by side with MT. CLOUD BOOKSHOP,
Business picked-up around lunchtime.
And surprisingly enough there are A LOT of people.
SURPRISING because this was held at the 4th floor of the CAP building.
Meaning attendees must & should've been THIS serious to have travelled all those
flights of stairs (or they could've just rode their way up...)
just to get a glimpse of it all. And besides, this event isn't for free.
Not even for students (there was a more than gracious
student discount, but absolutely no freeloaders & cheapskates allowed!)
Seeing the number of attendees and slowly but surely how the venue got jam-packed
just like that. It gives us a twinkle of hope that today's young'ems ain't so hopeless
and lost cause-y after all.
There is hope and optimism amongst the masses and the kids from baguio are all alright!

Saw Rob getting slapped by a baby.
Saw AJ get in the zone...
then ultimately ending up with this badass of a sketch!
Highlights of the event would be the guest speakers,
Namely Mel Casipit,
Manix Abrera,
Randy Valiente,
Stephen Segovia,
(no picture available, we're terribly sorry!)
and last but not the least, Sir Emil Flores.
The event also had a couple of off-stage activities.
Like the silent auctions  @ the MT. CLOUD booth.
Where in pretty much all of the books were won by us MANILA Komikeros.

And a couple of contests here and there
(that we weren't able to photograph, but if it's any
consolation...here were some of the rules of the contest)
All in all, we were able to sell a lot of books.
Even the really expensive ones, believe it or not!
Sold a handful of TEKS.
Ran out of bookmarks even!
And gave away a decent amount of newsletter.

And just so you know,The Ssm! Illuminati#2 is no longer available!

Even had to resort to selling VAL VENIS away.Hi Genesis!
Meet a lot of pretty ladies.And no, we're not gonna name every single of them.
Because we are indeed, CLASSY GENTLEMEN!
Her name is (from what I can understand from my bad penmanship...) GRACE.
Thank you POE!
Even met Mam Padma of Mt. Cloud.

no, PADMA!



Got to draw for THE WALKING EYE and SOX.
Even met one of our provincial stalkers, WILLIAM!
Hi liam, huy magreply ka!

And everything was awesome. The event ended around 5pm-ish.
Me and AJ have to miss out on all the KIDLAT TAHIMIK related shindigs due
to some of our personal family duties.
In conclusion, I'd say that AJ is a man of his words and is a more than
awesome co-op player.
That's that,
Au Revoir, Baguio & Aloha, Manila!

Hasta La Vista, KENNON ROAD!

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