Wake Me Up When October Starts

Ok, so we apparently misplaced a journal entry that we typed OCTOBER of last year.
Containing a couple of books we bought from a sale.
So here they are now.

Giant Sized Alpha Flight, Wildcats #2
and a random issue of GAMEINFORMER.
All of which were purchased at a discount store located next to the now
defunct CUBAO X.

We've got nothing to say about the ALPHA FLIGHT books for
it's your standard MARVEL-ey book. And it isn't really
all that "GIANT-SIZED". It's actually pretty thick but
GIANT-SIZED it ain't!

And when the hell did this happened?
I guess BISHOP was right all along....
And now back to the WILDCATS book.It looks pretty awesome, man!
The art looks stunning and the babes are as sexy as hell.
And look, ma!
The GAMEINFORMER book is your standard gaming magazine.Nothing too stellar
or new here considering this was released...2008! It's a fun recap to say
the least.

All in all, we were happiest with the WILDCATS book and it is
our fervent desire that TRAVIS CHAREST gets to do more projects like that one.
Because that oughta rejuvenate our so-so comics industry and make horny nerds
like us masturbate to something else other than PORN.
That's that and g'night!

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