The Reel Macoy

So here's a lil' bit of insider snaps on the much anticipated and highly talked about
"ANG MASKOT" da movie.

We didn't wanna give too much away thus we didn't snap on anything else other than the MASKOT costume itself.
The location of the shoot was also kept in secret so we're keeping a tight lip on that as well.

We didn't catch a whole lot of the actual shooting.
Since we arrived around 5pm and this was the said last day of shooting.
But the ones we did saw were downright pretty faithful to it's komik book counterpart.From the action scenes,
mannerism, demeanor and even down to the look and feel of some of the characters were all captured down to a T.
Kudos to Kuya JUN DA GOON whom looks exactly as how MACOY would have drawn it on the book.

Macoy and family will also be in it,
well atleast they're feets will be in one
of the walking scenes.

Then of course, yours  truly will also be in it too,
as SHADOW EXTRA#2 (with gasping
So keep a look out for this tall, dark and shadowy figure right here.
So enough fooling around. For more USEFUL informations and ACTUAL updates about the
movie, be sure to check out Macoy's blog.

A performance level with a star-studded cast that is sure rock your socks off.
Directed by Chris Costello & Mhik Vergarra
An official entry to CINEMANILA.
Coming to a theater near you!

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