Weekends With Chappie

So this is what we've been up to the entire week prior to today.

*Purchased 3 new Dragon Ball Tankobons.

So that's, 13-42= ?

We're still 29 issues short from completing our rather ballsy collection.
What a pain in the ass!
We've been collecting these books all our lives and yet the numbers don't lie.
Oh well! Better luck next time, I guess..

* Recommended Indie Of the Month...no scratch that 
Indie Of The Year.
Which one, if you might so naively ask.
It's....THIS ONE!

Buy it!
Read it!
Savor it!
Then thank us later.
Available exclusive where the finest books are sold, UNO MORATO.

Also went SURPLUS STORE HOPPING (is there even such a term? Well, we're coining
that up right now!
) and
* Purchased these CDs and books.
* Mind blown from the hidden message of these BLACK & WHITE covers.
Individually they wouldn't make any sense but side by side
they'd eventually convey the mantra of
How about that?

*Played two out of the four cds relentlessly.
1.) Marvel Super Heroes
Where in we've unlocked DR. DOOM.
At the character selection screen,
Press Down, Down then press and hold X,O, R1.
(you should still be holding X, O, when you press R1.)
Captain America's name would be announced but the image would be replaced with
that of Dr. Doom.)
At the character selection screen,
Press Down, Down then press and hold L1,Triangle,Square.
(you should still be holding L1, Triangle, when you press Square.
Spider-man's name would be announced but the image would be replaced with
that of Thanos.)

But still no ANITA.
Got to use Dr. Doom's cool gun combo.
And eventually got to show off with Thanos' jewelry collection.
The bubble shot attack doesn't really do much damage( it's more of an annoying
trap that an actual attack.). But apply the same move on
SHUMA-GORATH and simply make the poor creature look even weirder!
Another special move that doesn't really do anything is the TIME GEM.
Other than canceling your opponents' special meter and reversing his/her controls, it really doesn't do much damage.
But apply the same move on a doppelganger and you'd get this really cool wallpaper while you duke it out.
The other game that we chose to master was
2.) Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha.
By game developer Arika.
no Arika!
no, ARIKA!!
Oh, got it!
Oh brother!
 There you go!
by Akira Nishitani and then published by Capcom.

It was a weird game back then and it still pretty much is to this day.
With Hidden Bonus Game such as the barrel breaking stage from the original SFII game....but only HARDER!
To Unlock this Bonus Game:
Go to Mode Selection Screen menu and highlight "Practice" then input
Start,Up,Up,Right,Up,Right,Up,Start. A sound will confirm it and accompanied
by a "HERE COMES A NEW GAME MODE" message at the bottom of the screen.

And two of the most memorable characters in the fighting game mythos...
unfinished character models or something...
Maaaan, that's even lazier than MK's pallete swapped ninjas.
Totally not worthy enough to be unlockable characters and totally
unworthy to be even in the game. Oh well! And there are even two more
remodels(recolored then given evil genes) of the same characters,
Evil Ryu and Bloody Hokuto...woopeedoo!

To Unlock these uninspiring Hidden Characers:
Again Go to the Mode Selection Screen and highlight "Practice" then input
Start, Up, Right, Down, Right, Start. A sound will confirm the code
and accompanied by a "HERE COMES A NEW CHALLEGER"message at the bottom of
the screen.

We were quickly disappointed with the inclusion of too many SHOTOKAN fighters.
I mean, compare this with the STREET FIGHTER ALPHA(ZERO) 3's  roster and you'd
clearly see the difference.
Familiar faces were then replaced with cheap alternatives.
Despite all the flaw, Our personal favorites would still be

But enough talk and let's simply play the game!
Well, it does play just like any other SF games. Well, That's a relief!
Some of the moves are a bit harder to pull off.
But fret not, humble netizens!
Nothing a little bit of TRAINING (Expert Mode) can't fix.
A little training here and a little training there then VOILA!
You'd be throwing HADOUKENS like a pro in no time!
Another nice feature of the game would be the playlist thingie on the bottom left.
Because it's always nice to know which songs are playing while you're getting your ass whupped.

There is also a REPLAY similar to what we've been acustomed to with the Tekken games.
On that note it also features an Ending Collection.
Again, very similar to what Tekken did way back when.
There are also some in game surprises like Akuma beating the snot out of
then challenging you to a totally imbalanced fight to the death.
Much emphasis on the TOTALLY IMBALANCED aspect as this Akuma (also referred to by some as SHIN AKUMA)attacks in relentless combos and with 100% accuracy.

Beating him however earns you the title of "BEAD SMASHER"
and some extra menus on your options section.
The polygons were extremely big and chunky.
Something they'd later refine on the updated versions.
The endings were pretty weird and rather unsatisfying.
No actual stories or spoilers were in any of the endings.
They simply serve as a reward for finishing the game.
And last but not the least,
*Downloaded Martial Masters.
Martial Masters!
A game that plays and feels a whole lot like Street Fighter III.
Download your own copy @ http://www.mediafire.com/download/zbe5jn2apkd5rbm/Martial+Masters.zip

Haven't really played it thoroughly but is pretty much getting used to the
controls. Personal fave would be Ghost Kick, Lotus Master and Tiger.
 Edit: It was a sweet game and it even has it's own ending rather than just a generic congratulatory screen.
And that's that!
Haven't really drawn or checked any of our school assignments but that's alright.
Atleast we're relaxed and ready for monday.And it was a relatively productive weekend to say the least.

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