Super Mice And The Roborats

As we've mentioned earlier, due to some really wise investment choices.
We are now in the possession of box after boxes of bootleg toys.
Namely of the Biker Mice From Mars kind.
Ranging from the 10" kind:
P200.00 each.
Only Throttle and Vinnie figures are available as of the moment.
 to the standard sized action figures:
P100.00 each. Three mices available.
and some Kitt-O Construction Kits of both Doctor Who and Star Wars:
P50.00 each
And now for the fun part: the unboxing / assembly!
For the 10" figure, the tail is normally detached for handling purposes.
It's made out of (surprisingly enough) durable plastic and the paint job is decent enough with some mispaints here and there but nothing too noticeable as some other bootleg toys would normally be.
The figure doesn't boast any points of articulation but the head, wrist, arms,waist and boots are twistable.
Giving you the liberty of recreating your favorite Ben Tisoy moments
or letting your Biker mice channel his inner Shakespeare by reciting passages from Hamlet.
Alas, poor Yorick!
For the construction kits, let's look at the Star Wars ones first.
With 6 designs to collect. But we are merely assembling the ones we liked the most.
First up is Admiral Ackbar.
Yes, It's Mr. It's A Trap!

The assembly for these paper sculptures seems easy enough. No cutting and no gluing required.
There is the Admiral, live and in living colors!

And now let's take the good Doctor for a little spin?
Get it?
Ah well....

For this particular franchise, we're going with the Weeping Angel design because she has that nice looking skirt thingie.
Again, there are 6 designs to choose and collect.
and there you have it folks!
Obviously the Doctor Who one looks classier with it's podium thingie.
Here are the two figures standing side by side for comparative purposes.
Now, we are not merely sharing these kits and figures for they are in fact FOR SALE.
So buy some, maybe????
Reply down below or email us @ silent_sanctum@yahoo.com for your orders.
A paypal account is being set-up as of the moment but at the meantime, Metro Manila meet-ups only.
Available for BLTX 6 pick-ups or some other conventions of your choosing, provided we are also attending the said gathering.

Disclaimer: These are obviously fake toys. Some figures might have loose/broken joints due to mishandling during shipping. We would choose to sell the best ones based on appearance alone. No refunds would be provided for figures that are beyond repair.

There you go!

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