My Combat Face : Meeting Mr. Combatron

Growing up in the 80's - 90's I was never much of a MECHA guy.
Sure, there were the usual fan favorites like
But I never really got the hang of drawing or designing my own robots.
Something about nuts and bolts that is just way too tedious to depict, all
the more create a comic book out of it.

But everything changed when the fire nation attack...


Enter Combatron!
(Title cards/Recaps)

THE sole reason as to why I even collected Funny Komiks in the first place.
The stories were action-packed, it wasn't dumbed down for it's target market.
It's as gritty as it can get. And for the price of P5.00 per issue,BOY, were we
hooked to it like moths to a flame. It's the mechanical smackdown for the ages.

Plus it featured robots that are both edgy and yet streamlined enough to be drawn by
anyone. Evident by it's countless fanarts at the THIS IS YOU PAGE section of the book.

The characters weren't as bulky as Transformers or Gundams. They are more or less at a believable scale.Which makes them realistic and yet very much larger than life.
The stories were easy to follow. Every issue came in with a recap of what had
previously happened (see photo above). Every episodes were (at the very least) 3 pages worth and carries that distinct "BITIN" factor.
"Durugtungan" and "Itutuloy" are but a cosmic scourge to 90's kids everywhere, words like that meant we have to wait for yet another week for the next issue. And next week couldn't come any sooner because might as well face it, you're addicted to love!
In addition to Combatron, there were also various other titles like
Viktar Istarkid
and Jonax.
This was the big 3 at the time!
Fuck Marvel, Fuck DC, Fuck Image, this is where the money's at!
Other notable titles from the same era included:
Dandy P Geronimo's Superblag,
Bobbit Cunanan's run of Tinay Pinay.
Oliver Page's run of Tomas En Kulas.

So what's the deal with this impromptu throwback. It sure as hell ain't Thursday yet so
what gives?
The answer is simple and the proof is in the pudding. We'd like to discuss the details but
we'd rather let our pictures do the talking!
It's Berlin Manalaysay!  
Oh, happy days!!!
Of course we had our books signed,silly!
And the icing on the cake, you just had to ask....
Mr. Berlin was the nicest person ever.
In addition to the autographed books and personal memorabilias, the stories/trivias behind
the characters were as intriguing as the komik book itself. We won't divulge much but knowing the
fact that some of the robots have real life counterparts makes the Combatron universe even more
realistic and believable.
And oh, I fuck'n hate this image now!
With this piece being a fake Berlin artworks and all.
This sucks, kill it,  

Linggo Ng Wika : Komiks Ang Bida 2015
was a more than memorable event.
We went home exceptionally happy.Our bags might still be heavy but our spirits most certainly are not.
Meeting your childhood hero is one thing but being able to discuss finer details like character conceptualizations and references makes
the meet-up even more endearing. Without pioneers like Sir Berlin, there might not have been a METAL MAN
(Yes,it was a dumb title at the time. I guess it still is to this day. And yes, this was how I used to
draw things back in the early 2000's. It's crude and ugly and am terribly sorry that I had to show this to you!),

not have been a DARK CHAPEL,
or worst, not even a  SSM!
CCCOM(Culture Crash) and Sir Berlin had been the gasoline for this well-oiled machine called Chapel.
These are the fine folks you should thank for providing me the flames that are still burning to this day.
It is SSM!'s fervent desire to carry on this bloodline of awesomeness. The task is hard but your
contribution/influence will live on forever. There won't be any weak links in this chain of ours,
just a brighter and better new breeds of komikeros.
Thank you ulit Sir Berlin, hanggang sa muli!
SSM! over and out!

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