Shapping-shapping At The Palengke

Location: Near LRT Blumentrit Station, In front of Zenco Footstep.
Description: A makeshift tiangge stall owned and maintained by a sweet old tita like figure specializing in Japanese Surplus goods.
Merchandises Bought:
1. Macross Chronicle. A binder filled with Macross infos, mech specs, character infos, episode synopsis, lyric sheets and etc.
Interior Pages:

Back Cover:
Sample in video form:
2. This spiffy looking DBZ metal canister which we could only assume is used for carrying your extra DBZ cards. I dunno, for trading purposes, I guess?
3. A binder filled with various unorganized DBZ Cards.
So Fresh, So Clean:
Favorite cards from this purchase:
Money Spent: Less than P500.
Babalik ka pa ba o hindi na: Babalik pa, for sure!
Final Verdict: Sobrang sulit.

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