Hanging Habraggart

So sorry to have to boast about this all over again.
But this is just too awesome to ignore.
And we repeat, we usually get retweets but never by the person were actually featuring.
So thank you,
and most notably
And for those not it the know (and can't read very OBVIOUS job descriptions),
Mr. Ito is the CREATURE & BACKGROUND DESIGNER for the insanely creepy game SILENT HILL 1/2/3
Here are some of his body of work/creations for all you doubting thomases out there!
So we went from being named after the game(this is exactly where we got the "SILENT" part ) to being able to rub digital elbows with the who's who of the gaming world. We sincerely can't wait to get a retweet from Hideo Kojima, but seriously that would be asking too much! But it would even be sweeter if it happened.

So yeah, it sincerely is such an honor to have receive those retweets where it would matter the most.

And not only on twitter, The Omi K Gibson Cosplay page  and even Omi herself shared our entry on their personal walls.Evidently with THIS screencap right here!
How awesome is that?
And Omi herself had this to say for the said tribute.
There seriously are no words to describe this!
This is TOTALLY well worth the entire effort we put into this!
Good job , SSM!.

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