Yes We Can With A Nokia 3310

And although this be a fan trailer of the actual phone.
We sincerely hope that the actual phone does look and sound like how it was a decade ago.
Our very first phone was a Nokia 6150.
Then followed by Nokia 3120 Classic.
And currently, a Nokia 1208.

All units were as tough as NAILZ.
(yes, the wrestler!)
All of which had survived numerous falls (not that we'd intentionally do that to our phones) and had given the phone minor to zero damages.
A big thumbs up for it's fun
and functionality.
It's godlike battery life.
Texting was a whole lot easier and there were no auto-corrects to be blamed for your misspellings.
Every typo and grammatical errors were all attributed to your own text speak/pre-jejemon speech pattern.
And last but not the least, endless possibilities for personalizations.

So welcome back to 2017,
For there were far too many flirty messages left unsent.
Far too many high scores left unbeaten.
Far too many tunes left uncomposed.
Far too many ugly logos/wallpapers/picture messages left unshared and undownloaded.
And far too many obnoxious ringtones to use and ignore!
So many memories contained in such a pocket sized device!

Hence welcome back to the era of the smartphones, the god of mobile phones.

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