Gung-Ho Ganz

and they're all as WILD as fuck!

I'm seriously digging the new character.

It's funny because she's FAT and equally muscular at the same time!
But sadly enough, I couldn't say the same thing for the drone with a dog.
As much as how we love high tech gadgets and puppy videos on Instagram.
This game could've been better off without this odd and rather random pairing.

But all in all, the game looks great on a much wider screen and on a newer console. Aiming was a bit troublesome during it's SNES days hopefully they've addressed that by providing an auto-aim function or something similar to that extent.

And hopefully, OTHER Natsume titles would follow suit and join in on this grand revival of the 90's sort of thing. 
Yes, we're talking about you, Ninja Warriors
and you as well, 
Pocky And Rocky!

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