Bente Kwatro (Last Hurrah Of 2014) 1/3

The following events took place during the intervals of September to December.
Some of these images weren't uploaded/documented properly due to SSM!'s rather hectic schedule/toxic work load.
Call it deleted scenes, call it director's cut, just don't call us lazy!
But enough talk...have at you!

Sept 27, pre-Reading Comics III.
Saw this lady wearing some crazy ass Beetlejuice inspired leggings.
Totally made my birthday even better!

Post Reading Comics III.
Received these retro FDS diskettes from Marcushiro.
FDS or Famicom Disk System games are basically NES games repackaged in tiny diskettes as opposed to the bulky and space consuming cartridges. A concept eerily similar to the unlicensed U.F.O device for the SNES. Colorful stickers were then replaced with simple sleeve art and replacing blowing into cartidges with this really boring boot-up screen.
My personal pick from the said selections.
I've had fond memories of playing GUN.SMOKE.
The only western themed CAPCOM game that I personally own/played.
It was a different take on the whole shoot'em up genre.
Because instead of having a high-tech spaceship, you control a tough as nails cowboy and instead of
your typical sidescrolling (L-R) orientation, the screen scrolls vertically(Bottom-Top).

But the problem with these sleeves are that the corners tend to stick to the disk container. So sights like
are but a dime a dozen.

Ok, that's enough geekiness for one day!
Moving on to some even more nerdy stuffs.

Sept 29 - "theking"'s birthday!
Borrowed some old/new-new/old books from him.
 With pages that looked like THIS.
and in response I drew THIS!
Pretty neat, huh?!
Oh and I haven't actually seen the movie either.
Here's to hoping it's as good as the source material.
But back to the party. We celebrated at the happiest place on earth.....
Nope, close but no cigar and one more thing: "Gago ka ba? Wala namang Disneyland sa Pinas!".
That's more like it.
I'm happy!
Everyone gets a free Nuru massage!
Ok, not really!
But we had cake, so it's still kinda orgasmic when you think about it!
A cake shaped like a car,
which we dismantled like the WORLD WARRIORS that we are!
What was left of the cake.
We weren't able to finish everything because then we'd have to pay for the insurance!
Haha, lame jokes are lame!
Saw this really poorly worded sports headlines in the bathroom.
And then went home with this little cutie pie.
Sep 30 - Did a couple of book illustrator test draws here and there.
Ay syet, lumapas na tayo!
Our side trips are never complete without stopping by a nearest Booksale (or any other bookstore for that matter!).
Friends and family might leave you behind but not books because they don't have legs.
But would still be able to take you places you've never seen/heard.
The WWE comic book was a pretty big deal back when it was first released.
But since most of the various tag teams and characters no longer reflects to that of the show,
I think this title might have been discontinued.
Alberto no longer works for the WWE.
And he's also no longer simply just  Alberto Del Rio. He's Alberto "El Patron" now.

Cesaro is no longer teamed-up with Swagger.
And THE SHIELD ain't so cohesive anymore right after THIS

atleast. So yeah...that's that I guess....
Becky Cloonan's East Coast Rising & Dead End were both pretty rad.
But the one that top'em all was Peig!
No, not that kind of Peig.
This kind of PEIG!
And if you just masturbated to this cover page then I possibly have some bad news for you!
It's a dude!
Yeah, fuck me, right!
But yeah, that's a dude drawn with some very feminine features to fuck around with your chauvinistic logic.
I got nothing to add to that last statement but the manga's pretty tightly written and paced.
It was pretty good despite the very misleading cover!

Oct. 3Journey To The West....avenue!
Getting lost is a fun thing!
But finally finding your way HO is always a NICE thing!
 HEY, have you heard about...
 Found it kinda peculiar to be naming your new branch after some dairy product.
And speaking of dairy products...this just happened!
Yes, it's an actual product! And a rather elusive one to say the least!
Ganun na ba talaga kagrabe ang addiction natin sa Yakult at nangangailangan na ng LIGHTS?
Also wasn't expecting this rather subtle SE7EN reference within a mall's storefront.
Well played, Robinson's Magnolia!

And we're capping off this entry with our last haul for the month of October.
End of Part 1.
Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3.

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