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The 3rd installment of the very successful and much talked about monthly event, READING COMICS!
This event was made possible courtesy of CHAMTAMARIA.
Held loudly & proudly at Uno Morato.
As adverstised here:

This reading was made extra special due to the fact that it was inadvertently held on my birthday.
So I'd be a monkey's uncle if I didn't stepped up to the plate and brought my A-game.

Speaking of A-GAMEs, first off to the chopping board was the amazing tandem of Noel & AJ of the notorius Kowtow Komiks gang.
Also worth mentioning is that of Noel's playful reading of Magtago Na Kayo.

You could watch the entire performance over at the link provided below:

Which first appeared on his deviantart page and then a redrawn version that later appeared at
our spank'n new like page.
sooooooo LIKE US, maybe?

Next up is Budjette Tan, of the BATCH'72 and most notably TRESE fame.
There were also several other advertising related accomplishments under his belt but sadly
we've forgotten all about them. We're terribly sorry! There's a moral lesson to be learned here, but we're not too sure as to what it is?
Shenanigans aside, here are some of the pics from his readings.
Also worth mentioning is that of the KAPRE character looking  a lot like our good pal Adam David.
But no one was brave enough to point that out since everyone was too drawn to the story and
the suspense of the "pogi killer" is tearing us apart. Mark Torres' spooky photorealistic art style compliments Sir Budj's somber story telling. And just between the two of us, I'd seriously prefer THIS look
 over Kajo's spot blacks and precise linearts.
I dunno,
Watch the entire performance at the link provided below:

Alright STOP!
Collaborate and listen!
Marcushiro's back with his brand new invention!
After some minor technical difficulties...
And then we're off to a world of pure imagination
as told in the fantasmic Marcushiro style.
It's definitely unlike anything we've seen or heard before.
The quaint music from the record player evokes a sense of simplistic rural life
as partnered by Marcushiro's faux-pompous voice.
Watch the entire performance at the link below:

Holy Helluva!
And just like that, now it's my time to shine.
And shine bright, I shall!
And unlike our previous presentations, someone actually recorded our performance this time around.
Thank you, Apol!
Also, in a surprising turn of event...we actually have some photos of our own.
So how about that, how d'ya like dem apples?
End of
Flip the tape over to play SIDE B.
After losing to a coin toss,
I was the first in line for part 2.
Wherein we wowed the crowd with our enthusiastic reading of Enjuriki.
And to those who were patient enough to endure the entire ordeal, they were also treated to a very special surprise.
And no, we're not talking about a blowjob.
Because that would've been one hell of an orgy.
BUT STILL...it was still pretty awesome nonetheless...
Hashtag tapusinmona!

And speaking of encore performances, here are the boys of Kowtow Komiks delivering just that!
First up is a short but sweet reading of VAMPIRE AKO, HINDI LANG HALATA by fellow digital theatherist Noel.
Followed by the always enchanting fan favorite, CFCCA#5
As Noel weaves out the narrative portions of the story(with feelings and matching voice acting to boot),
AJ unwraps the layer and layers of visual details that you might not have noticed before.
From the monkeys to the tampons, every details discussed is a guaranteed "Oo nga no" moment!
As always, we end this reading with an obligatory class picture.
And since it's only customary to post clear and crisp pictures, here's a rather
blurry one to ruin the moment!

All in all, READING COMICS 3 was a huge success.
And now....believe it or not, sponsored by ADIDAS.
Kudos to all the readers and everyone who took the time to listen to us yak and share our silly stories.
Here's to even more readings to come and here's to us elevating and legitimizing the art of komik making/appreciating in this culturally enriched country of ours!

Ph'lippines, fuck yeah!

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