UST Symposium Of The Night

Last week, Jan. 12,2013 (Saturday).
We were able to take part on a monumental art symposium held no less at our very own alma mater,
the University Of Santo Tomas.
Made extra special for it was held at our artistic birthplace, the Beato Angelico Bldg.(the AVR in particular).
So obviously, we were pretty psyched about the entire experience.
This would be like an alumni homecoming of sorts...minus the parades, customary fake smiles and obligatory handshakes.
This is the SHIZNITS here, right here!
So, we arrived at the scene of the crime (pretty late, as usual!)
And lo and behold the sight of the crowd.
It's actually thinner than a bald man's hairline!
But fuck that shit, we're here to talk and talk the talk we shall!
we still can't because it's not yet our turn. 
Tristan Yuvienco of UP Lunarock went first to cover up on our more than embarrassing tardiness.
Check out his D.A. account at the link provided below.
And thanks to the magic of 5 min. breaks.
Our supposed "tardiness" were no longer than apparent.
And I guess an empty bladder and an extra pair of listening ears would be essential for our good friend,
Josel Nicolas is up next.
Check out his D.A. account at the link provided below.
So, here's the crowd getting all pumped up by our manly good looks and witty presentation.
Owkayyyy...not really!
But the show's about to start so git your cameras ready!
Some of us might have a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION resulting to a NIP SLIP and the occasional CAMEL TOE.
So, god forbid you miss out on those juicy bits!

Sadly enough, we weren't able to document any part of Josel's talk.
Because we we're too busy being such a good friend to him and aiding with his visual aids.
And before you knew it, we're on like DONKEY KONG!
(we will no longer promote our own accounts because that would've been a douchebag-ey thing to do but instead we encourage you to GOOGLE us on your own time. If the link appears questionable, chances are it's OURS! T.Y., y'all!)
First things first, it's kodakan time with the crowd!
For a complete list of the topics covered our part of the program, please refer to the link provided below.

and last but not the least, we have Kuya Jon Zamar.
D.A. account at the link provided down below.
Whom was able to discuss some pretty important pointers applicable for both novices and intermediate artists alike. 

The last part of the program was an OPEN FORUM.
One of the most funnest one ever we might add.
And in the end, we learned something new and earned a couple of new friends both on FACEBOOK and on DEVIANTART.
All in all it was a fun day for everyone and a great day to be a TOMASIAN!
So cheers to that fellow tigers,

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