Vedder Days Ahead

Congratulations Pearl Jam
and more importantly,
Congratulations Eddie Vedder!

The voice of a generation. Even if that voice sounds a little garbled and muffled up at times.
Kudos to David Letterman (or Santa Claus) for giving a splendid introductory speech for the band. Hence this was how we spent our Sunday afternoon, with an induction ceremony and a marathon of our favoritesssst PJ songs.

With songs like:
5. Jeremy

4. Even Flow

3. Animal

A song which was later on spoofed by Parokya Ni Edgar in the song entitled: Alimango.

It still was pretty faithful to the source material since crabs are indeed ANIMALS. Unless we're talking about the VD type of crabs which is an entirely different kind of story all together.
2. Last Kiss

The "oh, where o where" part was from Septimus Winner's Die Deitcher's Dog a popular nursery rhyme with it's German origins. This song was also covered by both
J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers:


and our absolute favorite,
1. Daughter
Normal Version:

Sped-up Festival Version:

Behind the Music:

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