Harleyka's KItchen

This entry is a direct response to the recently cancelled Harley Quinn contest by DC Comics.
You could still read parts of the said pitch via this entry courtesy of Bleeding Cool.
As for the actual announcement that DC made on their website....


Well, it's no longer accessible and no shit, everyone over reacted (every other media outlet and every "holier than thou" blogger with an internet access)that lead to Jim Lee speaking out about it on twitter. Even Jimmy Palmiotti had only this to say.

Everyone was left with 4 paneled sequential Harley Quinn art that they could probably not use anywhere else other than for portfolio-ing purposes or for them to eventually post on their deviant art page or personal websites(I thank you!).And that is what we'd do. All that while religiously following the pitch which was to draw a NAKED Harley Quinn.Of which everyone was pretty reluctant to follow but not US!
(You could download *and probably color if and only you want to*this at the deviantart link provided below
202 views as of today!
I mean, C'mon!
Atleast we sticked to the script and we didn't had to improv on anything.
Totally not like THIS piece right here.
But if there was one thing this contest had shown us is that drawing naked anything else for that matter is the best.
And that, that is most definitely what's best for business.
So cheers to that, friendos!

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