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So THIS is what we've been doing for the past few weeks and months since our last AMIA MILEY post.
So buckle up kiddies, this here is a FIELDTRIP!
1. SURPRICE Art Exhibit by Rob & Apol or more affectionately referred to by many as #chamtamaria.
Event Poster:
Event Planners:
Event Page:

Lov'n is what I got,
I said remember that!
Our top 6:
After a couple of beers, a really dumb bar policy and some really pricey CREEPYPASTAS
Whe ended up drinking out in the STREETS.
Where it's a lot safer I guess....
Then we waited for Trizha after which is a sleepover pajama party(not really) over at Josel's mancave!

And as an added bonus, here's the other ROB getting some hot twerk'n action!

2. AKLATAN 2013
Event Poster:
Event Planner: Visprint Inc.
Event Page:

This was our rebound event for missing out on INDIEKET.
Kudos to Adam David for giving me a spot at the event and RICKY LEE for leaving early(joke lang, labyu ricky!)
Where we are about to unveil our latest experimental piece. Which would be THIS ONE!
Picture courtesy of Jon Zamar

I had to admit that I got lost and had to backtracked a whole lot to get back to ALPHALAND.
Which I ignorantly remembered as AYALALAND.
So off I go!
But nevertheless, we found it after a couple of texts later. So, thank you ADAM D & MIKE D!

Sales wise the event was surprisingly good. As good as the AYALA MUSEUM gig!
Or maybe even better because it was held at a larger venue with better air-conditioning than the NBS one.
Oh, good god! 
Who am I kidding any event(even the anime and the really really bad ones) was better than the NBS one!

We're not exactly in a very chatty mood since this entry would cover a whole lot more events so we'd just let our pictures do the talking.
and hey look,
Two of them actually. The other one was just unavailable to be photographed!
whom would be the first would be customer to have given us something without asking us to "like" or "fave" anything in return so YEY!
Oo, bawas-bawas na e MASARAP e! Wooh inggit lang kayo!

Take that, TRESE!
So put that in your pipe and smoke it!
After the BOB ONG SHOW.
In which they have revealed the new card game as illustrated by ANDOYMAN KOMIKERO.
We capped off the night at the usual place with some pizzas, games, brewski, coffee, unlimited puns and
a bad case of  LSS with one of the greatest movie ever....
Aklatan Hauls:
3. Komik Book Day
Event Poster:
Event Planner: Ateneo Book Bench
Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/204221936420278/?fref=ts
The unused poster which I was unable to unveil online because of a malfunctioning monitor.
We really didn't have a whole lot of pictures from the event.
We arrived late...nothing new there!
And we weren't really psyched about selling our wares (since I've already earned enough from the last event.)
We were seriously in there  to meet some college chicks.
Swear to god, cross our hearts and hope to die stick a needle on our eyes.
And it was a lil' awkward of having this much elbow space.
I sincerely felt like THIS GUY!
We missed out on the ACTUAL pizza party as thrown by Ateneo Book Bench.
But we made it to the after after party.
Which is a happy shindig on it's own. So that's that!
Komik Book Day Hauls:
Top Picks:
Special salutations and congratulatory confettis for KONG of KOMIKULT for buying two books then ultimately winning one of our highly coveted special prize, an actual and all original PINT-SIZED STICKER!
The next one's a doozy since I've been to two different events all happening at the same time.
It's fun to have been a LAGARISTA for a day.

4. Future Market & Ka-Ching Ka-Ching Book Launch
Event Poster:
Event Planner: 98B & BAYAN KOmiks
Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=435765306543588&set=a.127186410734814.22572.127180300735425&type=1&relevant_count=1

Highlights from the event, THIS!
Picture courtesy of  Maria Magadelana Arceo.

and THESE!
Future Market Hauls:
Top Picks:
Ka-Ching Picks:
5. Let's Play Live
Event Poster:
Event Planner: Zilch Games
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1414198418795301/

The event that actually happened on my birthday.
Yeah, I have nothing better to do on my special day hence I played with myself....
Ok, that sounded so wrong on so many levels.
So I went there and played with a bunch of strangers....
Ok, now it sounded a lot like an orgy.
We take turns with touching and fiddling each other's controllers!
Ok, this is going nowhere.
I have to stop myself from further humiliating myself!
All of which could've been avoided if they had more consoles and just let me
played with my pirated cds and memory card!
All in all it was an OK event.
Other than the cheap deaths and invisible walls in BUSHIDO BLADE.
We've won 2-3 rounds(not consecutively though) at TEKKEN 3.
And we went home with a smile and it was indeed a birthday well spent amongst friends and strangers alike.
Where things are headed from here on out.
1.Headspace by Rob Cham
Event Poster:
Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/176212889232153/?ref=22

2. Multiplay!!! Videogame Tribute Art Exhibition by Sigmund Torre, Nelz Yumul & Danger Sanchez
Event Poster:
Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/510511049024109/?fref=tck

3. Misplaced by JP Cuison
Event Poster:
Event Page:https://www.facebook.com/events/1382200498680093/?fref=ts
Event Commercial:
4. Future Market
Event Poster:
Event Pagehttp://www.98-b.org/future-market/2013/9/30/saturdaymarketxfuturemarketescolta

That's that!
See ya when we see ya!
and as an added bonus for making it this far within the realms of our journal entry, here's a REALLY REALLY old picture of SCOTT HALL!

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