The School Of Hard Knoxx

SSM! Greatest Hits Of 2013
1. Got nominated then won the "Partial and Unoffiicial Result" for the first week @ 2013 Filipino ReaderCon....
2. Joined  the More Fiat More Imagination contest on DEVIANTART....

3. Joined the Dragon Ball Zine : Call For Submission thingie on TUMBLR....
4. Perfected the "drawing on really small sticker technique".
Which was first introduced during AKLATAN 2013....
5. Was able to FINALLY create our very own FACEBOOK Like Page.
Take a looksies 
then LIKE it maybe???
6. Would be joining some more contests in the weeks and months to come....

7. Was able to draw 2 more indie fanart before my old monitor died.
8. Bought this book as a birthday present for myself.
SSM! Greatest Misses Of 2013
1....didn't won anything! DAYUM!
2....didn't won anything either! DOUBLE DAYUM!

3.....Status Unconfirmed!
4....Nailed 7 designs out of a possible 10!
5....has 21 likes as of late. Hopefully it brings in more people then eventually
people with monetary capacity to sponsor us and shit!

6....hopefully makes it in time then probably win some maybe?
7. ...not having drawn enough but well HELLO, NEW MONITOR!

8. ...it has a few laughs but not very COMIC-CON-ey enough!

SSM! Mild Regrets Of 2013
1. Was unable to get a picture with Mam Bebang during AKLATAN
2. Unable to attend INDIEKET 2013 due to malfunctioning PC which would eventually lead to THIS!
3. Was unable to get no BIRTHDAY SEX!

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