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AmeriKarate# 1-2 to be more exact!
Released early March of this year.

And hopefully the trailer had been more than informative.
AmeriKarate was comic book series that had been brought to our attention courtesy of Ms. April O' Neil.'s Instagram account.
The same April O'Neil that had appeared quite regularly on the book's "Photo Variant" covers.
But our personal favorite would still be the spoof comics / movie poster covers that they've been pulling off ever since Day 1.
AmeriKarate is pretty much a love letter to all the cheesy action and intense interpretative dance flicks of the 80's.
Think Gymkata, Bloodsport, Footloose, Flashdance, etc.
And to top it all off, the lead character pretty much resembles a young Ric Flair.
And that alone, was more than enough reasons for us to like the series.

Flair but with Chuck Norris' fashion sense.
Nitpicking on the lead character aside, the two books were plentiful in action,
and the sensual but at times over the top Top Gun-esque love scenes.
The fight scenes were very reminiscent of the older versions of  Samurai Jack.
Character designs were more than creative and the settings were fictional and yet believable.
There were however a few paneling issues but I guess the arrows does help out a bit.
It was a bit distracting but would immediately go unnoticed due to the book's solid pacing.
The splash pages were also very amazing! Too bad we can't show you any of them.
Every issue also ends on a high note.
All in all, it's an excellent series and I simply can't wait to get my hands on both issues 3-4.

So go ahead and fight off Neonian ninjas, armed with Karate, your radio cassette player, your bulging testicles and an overly patriotic sense of confidence. For those are the only things you'll ever in the very savage world
that is: AmeriKarate!

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